Lars Hedenborg – Real Estate B-School 2016

Lars Hedenborg – Real Estate B-School 2016

Lars Hedenborg – Real Estate B-School 2016

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I put together an Exclusive Members Only 8 Module Online Training Program that teaches top producing agents and team leaders the exact same systems, tools and strategies I’ve implemented in my business to go from rookie agent with no sales experience whatsoever…to really busy top producing agent…to an inspiring team leader…to a real business owner now working only 1 day per week making more money than I ever could have imagined.The training is based on the exact same 4 Core Building Blocks I use for my higher level coaching programs but they are delivered in such a way as to allow you to learn at your own pace. The Specific Curriculum for Real Estate B-School Online is as Follows: Stop struggling in your business, going from deal to deal, working whenever your clients want you to and sacrificing time with your family and friends. Use the tools and strategies I teach and watch your business and life change!The core principals you will learn will give you the confidence to take your business to the next level and to reclaim your life. Our industry completely fails to teach agents how to build a “real” real estate business. Sad but true… This is a no brainer…you are getting all of my best tips, tools, systems and strategies. A road map to how I am going to sell over $100M worth of real estate this year without having any clients and working 1 day per week. I can’t make it any better than this! FREE BONUS IF YOU ACT NOW! I will email my actual unedited business, marketing and operations plans from 2009 to 2015. These plans give you the exact roadmap I used to go from selling 70 homes by the end of my first full year to building one of the country’s top producing teams to literally exiting my business working only 1 day per week and still selling 400+ homes making more money than I could ever have imagined. You have no idea how huge this is, I’ve never done this before and might not do it again. Sale Page :

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