Learn Chinese Martial Arts-Praying Mantis Kung Fu Techniques

Learn Chinese Martial Arts-Praying Mantis Kung Fu Techniques

Learn Chinese Martial Arts-Praying Mantis Kung Fu Techniques

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Instructors: David Wong

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In this course you will learn…

  • Bruce Lee’s favorite iconic attack, so FAST.. it’s nearly impossible to counter

  •  3 striking techniques that increase your accuracy by 500%

  •  5 “Illegal” fighting techniques designed for real combat

  •  A 400-year-old martial arts tactic that the world’s bestfighters are using today

  •  Striking, Kicking and Grappling techniques for every fighting range (Long range, mid rand and even close quarters!)

  • Catch your opponent by surprise!  …and a backup move in case it didn’t work!

  •  One unpredictable grappling technique that let’s you take down opponents at will

  • 2 unique attack combinations not found in any other kung fu style

  •  A devastating attack that multiplies your power ten-fold, even if you are smaller and not strong

  • 1 signature mantis technique that lets you close in and destroy bigger attackers with longer reach than you

  •  And much more!

Top 10 Authentic Praying Mantis Techniques For Beginners Course Includes “Beng Bo” (崩步) Techniques And Self Defense Applications 

(20 Action Packed Lessons!)

  1. Grab and Long Punch 採手直捅 (Cai Shou Zhi Tong)

  2. Grab and Long Punch Training Drills

  3. Grab and Grinding Short Fist 銼手 (Cuo Shou) 

  4. Grab and Grinding Short Fist Training Drills

  5. Parry and Back Slap 崩錘 (Beng Chui)

  6. Parry and Back Slap Training Drills

  7. Parry and Punch  拍手直錘 (Pai Shou Zhi Chui)

  8. Parry and Punch Training Drills

  9. Grab and Hammer Fist 採手掄錘 (Cai Shou Lun Chui)

  10. Grab and Hammer Fist Training Drills

  11. Triple Hand  – Training 採三手 (Cai San Shou)

  12. Triple Hand  – Training Training Drills

  13. Stealing Grab Knuckle Swing 偷手圈錘 (Tou Shou Juan Chui)

  14. Stealing Grab Knuckle Swing Training Drills

  15. Stomp Kick 踩腿 (Cai Tui)

  16. Stomp Kick Training Drills

  17. Straight Heel Kick 蹬腿 (Deng Tui)

  18. Straight Heel Kick Training Drills

  19. Triple Hand Knife – Side Kick 側踹 (Ce Chuai)

  20. Triple Hand Knife – Side Kick Training Drills

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