Learn How to Effectively Takedown an Assailant

Learn How to Effectively Takedown an Assailant

Learn How to Effectively Takedown an Assailant

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Modern physical altercations have been heavily influenced by the sports that are popular in America.  These sports include Judo, wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ), and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  These four activities are commonplace and known by everybody on some level.  Though intended for sport purposes, the techniques found in these activities are not only effective in a one-on-one altercation, but can be deadly.

This course is designed to teach unarmed security and law enforcement personnel effective techniques to throw an assailant to the ground once they have entered into a grappling situation.  The curriculum specifically focuses on takedown techniques that keep the user on their feet so that they are in a position to detain the assailant if necessary.  This course does not teach ground fighting techniques as they should never be the first choice of law enforcement or security personnel.

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