Learn The Best Self Massage to Relieve Back Pain & Headachе

Learn The Best Self Massage to Relieve Back Pain & Headachе

Learn The Best Self Massage to Relieve Back Pain & Headachе

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Instructors: Anna Sohana

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Learn to Relieve Back Pain and Headache by Self-Massage with Certified Massage Therapist.

Anna Sohana has created Self-Massage which based on knowledge of effective massages by 15 years of experience. She collects the Best and Simple techniques for effective self-help in a short period.

This course consists of movements of Chinese Acupressure Massage and Rolfing movements. You will need to get only 2 tennis balls to start your journey to Self- Massage.

Anna Sohana has designed a series of video clips that show you how to use Self-Massage to bring about reduced tension or pain in Back, Shoulders, Shoulder Blades, Neck and Head. Also, she will share with you How to Relax Face with Self-Massage and get beauty and happiness.

In this Self-Massage course you are going to learn:

• Acupressure Techniques

• Rolfing Movements

• How to use Tennis Balls Techniques correctly

• Effective way to Relieve Muscles Tension

• Delicate Techniques for Neck and Head

• Self-Massage of Face for Beauty and Happiness

This Unique Self-Massage will give you the skills set to yourself an amazing massage that you can do everywhere and anytime with your needs.

As a bonus, you will get Professional Record of Sound Healing Meditation created by Anna Sohana for relaxation of the mind and body. This meditation based on alfa waves frequency and easy will guide you to the meditation state of mind.

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