Learn to dance the Rumba – Ultimate Rumba Dance Class

Learn to dance the Rumba – Ultimate Rumba Dance Class

Learn to dance the Rumba – Ultimate Rumba Dance Class

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Instructors: Izabela Rai

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Learn to dance the Rumba, with a Rumba dance tutorial from Izabela Rai, former professional dancer from the BBC hit show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

The Rumba tutorial is the ultimate Rumba Dance Class providing a step-by-step, fully interactive, guide to the Rumba filmed in the spectacular Ballroom of the Five Star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London, England. The stunning ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is where HM Queen Elizabeth II learned to dance.

The Rumba Dance Class teaches you everything you need to know about the Rumba from the technique, dance hold, posture, hips action and footwork.

The Rumba Dance Class will teach you the basic, intermediate and advance steps and dance combinations in Rumba. Learn over 40 steps in Rumba and select from three levels of intensity:

LEVEL 1 – All the basic figures in Rumba and basic dance routine

  • Basic Step, Spot Turn –Underarm Turn

  • Shoulder to Shoulder, Fence Line

  • New York’s (Checks) Spot Turn to the Left, Spot Turn to the Right,

  • Time Steps x3, Rumba Walks: Man Backwards, Ladies Forward

  • Cucarachas X2, Spot Turn

  • Hand to Handx4, Side Rumba Walks,

  • Cuban Rocks, Spot Turn, Cross Basic (Cross Body)

  • Dance Demonstration 1

LEVEL 2 – Intermediate figures in Rumba and intermediate dance routine

  • Open Hip Twist, Fan

  • Alemana, Rope Spinning / Rope Spinning advance combination

  • Opening outs, Spiral, Aida, Rock Hip Twists, Spot Turn

  • Hand to Hand 3x, Walks Forward 6x, Hand to Hand, Spot Turn, Time Steps,

  • Three Alemana,

  • Fence Line/Switch , Fan, Hockey stick.

  • Dance Demonstration 2

LEVEL 3 – Advance steps in Rumba and advance dance routine

  • Natural Top,

  • Close Hip Twist, Swivels

  • Circular Hip Twist, Fan

  • Three Three from Hockey Stick

  • Sliding Doors.

  • Dance Demonstration 3

The Rumba Dance Class will help you:

  • Improve your technique

  • Feel confident on the dance floor

  • Look good, relaxed and enjoy great dancing

The Rumba Dance Class features everything you would learn in a dance studio. You can have one to one session with Izabela in the privacy of your own home and practise the moves whenever it suits you!

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