Learn to Draw Mandala Art | Beginner to Advance

Learn to Draw Mandala Art | Beginner to Advance

Learn to Draw Mandala Art | Beginner to Advance

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Instructors: Swamini Kulkarni

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About This Course

To take this course you don’t have to be an artist or have any prior knowledge about drawing. If you can hold a pencil or pen and draw a line on a paper, you are good to go!!. You just need a vibe of creativity and positive energy!!

Mandala is an ancient, Meditative artform in which we draw repetitive patterns

inside concentric circles, often termed to as “Sacred Geometry”. This art can reduce anxiety, tension and overall stress!

What you Learn

  • Introduction on Mandala

  • Materials Required

  • Basic Designs of Mandala

  • Creating your own Patterns

  • Freehand Mandala

  • Circular Mandala

  • Colour Pencil Mandala

  • Half Mandala using Mixed Media

  • Creating your own Mandala Masterpiece using Watercolour

What you will need? (Mentioned in the Second Video)

Plain paper/Drawing Book

Black Pen or any pen you have





And you are good to go!!

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