Lei‘ohu Ryder – Aloha Spirit

Lei‘ohu Ryder – Aloha Spirit

Lei‘ohu Ryder – Aloha Spirit

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Lei‘ohu Ryder – Aloha Spirit     Experience joy, freedom and the interconnectedness of all life through the Hawaiian wisdom of “Aloha”… Cleanse your mind, body and spirit through the ancient practice of Hoʻoponopono and authentically live and express the essence of Mahalo (gratitude). Aloha is more than a casual greeting… Aloha is a way of life. It’s a transmission of loving wisdom, a mystical doorway to the divine, and the spirit that guides you into partnership with the natural world. Aloha, which literally means, “sharing the breath of Life,” is also an untapped ancient wisdom that we as a people, and our planet, need desperately during these times… And even though the Aloha spirit was birthed in the sacred islands of Hawai‘i, it is everyone’s inheritance — and a vital part of our heritage that much of the modern world has lost. Within the Indigenous wisdom tradition of Aloha, there’s a deep understanding of the role of journey, blessing, ritual and ceremony. So how do you access this vibrant, peaceful, healing spirit that is as ancient as life itself? Hawaiian spiritual leader Lei‘ohu Ryder will warmly and reverently serve as your trusted guide to discover the mystical beauty of Hawaiian spirituality. Lei‘ohu and her partner, Maydeen ‘lao, are Kumu Aloha (emissaries of Aloha) and advocates for the Indigenous Soul in all people. Together they founded a nonprofit, Aloha in Action, to sustain, grow and spread these timely and powerful teachings throughout the world. Their love and knowledge of Hawai‘i will help you connect with your Self, with Spirit, and with the essence of Aloha. You don’t need to live in the islands — or even to have visited them — to embrace, embody and express the deep sense of connection and harmony that is the Aloha spirit. Coming Home to Aloha Lei‘ohu teaches that Aloha is an energy, a way of being in the world. Aloha is not something to be explained, but to be experienced. And when you experience it, you are changed forever. How will you know Aloha when you encounter it? You’ll get your first taste of it at the sound of Lei‘ohu’s voice… Aloha is the living, loving energy transmitted by her words and her intentions. Listen attentively and you may feel a “knowing” that bubbles up like lava within you, awakening you to a new world — a world in which you know true peace and harmony as you’ve never known them before. The Aloha spirit is so integral to Hawai‘i that it was enacted into law in 1986. The Aloha Spirit Law details the “traits of character that express the charm, warmth and sincerity of Hawai‘i’s people.” The law goes on to state that Aloha is “the working philosophy of native Hawaiians and was presented as a gift to the people of Hawai‘i.” It further states that Aloha means “to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable.” Download immediately Lei‘ohu Ryder – Aloha Spirit now Hawaiian officials and citizens are expected to act in accordance with this law at all times in their professional and personal lives. Another essential element of Aloha is Ho‘oponopono, the step-by-step Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness that cleanses and heals you in mind, body and spirit, enabling you to make things right with yourself and in all your relationships. Aloha is an unerring moral compass. It is your connection to the Earth, to the animals, to the plants, to the heavens. Within Aloha are the seeds of sacred responsibility with all life… and the courage to water them and tend to them until they blossom into thoughts and actions that honor the Earth and all beings. Throughout the Aloha Spirit journey, you’ll receive a steady stream of offerings that will guide and support you as you take step after step into your own knowing and the innermost depths of your being. You will then understand that Aloha is a homecoming, a recognition of your own divinity and the divinity in all beings, and a sweet reminder of all that is right with the world. Entering a Sacred Space If you’ve been to Hawai‘i, you’ve felt a certain sense of sacredness that exists nowhere else in quite the same way. Yet the Aloha spirit is not the property of the Hawaiian people or constrained within the borders of the Hawaiian islands. Welcome Aloha into your mind, heart and spirit, and you can develop and carry that sense of place with you wherever you go. Aloha will live within you as a guiding light and a living, vibrant sacredness. Invite Aloha into your life and your life becomes more beautiful. David Kaonohiokala Bray, a revered kahuna (a wise elder or shaman) interpreted the deepest meaning of Aloha to be “God in us,” which means: Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God, and mankind. Be honest, truthful, patient, kind to all life forms, and humble. Imbued with the spirit of Aloha, your consciousness naturally expands, you feel viscerally interconnected with all of life, and you more easily identify the unique gifts you came here to express. Aloha helps you activate your sacred life force, spurring you to live with greater reverence for all that is Divine within and around you. Every moment becomes a gift and a blessing. Your every thought and word become offerings to the Divine. With joy, you find yourself living a life of prayer and sacred action. Such is the promise and the power of Aloha. Over the course of the 7 modules, you’ll: Deepen your inherent connection with the spirit of Aloha Develop ways of making things right with yourself, others and your community Gain a greater appreciation for living with unqualified accountability and responsibility Explore the value and interconnectedness of ‘Ohana (family) Discover a sense of place while living in harmony with the Natural World Awaken your seeds of sacred responsibility with all life Activate your sacred life force through prayer Investigate how to heal and release even the deepest of wounds Discover how to authentically live in the energy of Mahalo (gratitude) Understand the depth of our relationship to the cosmos through a single blade of grass Explore the three umbilical cords that connect us to the Divine What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules Each teaching session will build harmoniously upon the next so you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to sustain your insights and transformations. Course modules begin with an hour-long video of teachings from Lei‘ohu, followed by a 30-minute recorded Q&A with both Lei‘ohu and Maydeen. Each module also includes a carefully selected song from Lei‘ohu’s double album, The Call Within & Honor All Life, that will be particularly relevant to the teaching within that module. Download immediately Lei‘ohu Ryder – Aloha Spirit now Module 1: The Essence of AlohaOpening to Your Divinity We acknowledge all our ancestors and the gifts they have passed down from generation to generation. We acknowledge and mahalo Aunty Pilahi Pakī’s gift to the State of Hawai‘i in 1986, the “Aloha Spirit Law” (1986). We will explore the word Aloha as an acronym and how each of the five “values” represented opens your heart and understanding of the deeper meanings underlying the essence of Aloha. Aloha can be described via the following acronym: Akahai: Kindness, to be expressed with tendernessLōkahi: Unity, to be expressed with harmony‘Olu‘olu: Agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantnessHa‘aha‘a: Humility, to be expressed with modestyAhonui: Patience, to be expressed with perseverance Module 2: Ho‘oponopono From the Village of Wailau(“where the waters meet”) Lei‘ohu will take you back to her youth and the imagery of growing up in a small village on O‘ahu, learning firsthand the ways of healing and the ways of making things pono (right). What Lei‘ohu shares is based on her own personal experiences within her family system of Ho‘oponopono — making sure they had right relations with themselves, each other, their community and the islands. In this way, harmony was maintained. There are many aspects of pono, including: Creating right relations within yourself and others Making things pono (right) with your Self first The willingness to accept who you are in the present moment The willingness to act with complete honesty, integrity and respect for all The willingness to release and heal individual, family and community wounds, even those you’ve carried in your DNA for generations Embracing that which is authentic within The recognition that you are not a separate individual, that you are one embodiment of life in harmony with all life Mihi, Kala (repent, forgive, release) Module 3: Aloha ‘Aīna, ‘Āina AlohaLove for the Land, the Land Loves We have a primal connection to the land because we are the seeds of the stars that came from the heavens to shine on this land. Living on the land in the island way, you must take care of the resources because without love for the resources, there is no life. Aloha is a sacred relationship to the Divine. This primal relationship as expressed in nature and community is our life force and our spiritual connection. In this module, we will explore the importance of: ‘Āina — That which Feeds Mālama ‘Āina — Caring for the Land Keiki o ka ‘āina — Child of the Land Maka‘āinānā — Eyes of the Land Honoring That Which Feeds A Sense of Place Walking with Respect / Awareness Protocols Module 4: Living ‘OhanaKnowing That All Life Is Your Family Lei‘ohu will share the creation story around Hāloa, the first-born child of Papa and Wakea, the Earth Mother and Sky Father, whose death at birth gave rise to the plant kingdom and to another son who became the prime ancestor of mankind. Because of our deep spiritual and genealogical connection, we know that all life is our family. The sacred life force of the Universe energetically connects us in relationship to the creatures in the ocean, the stars in the heavens, and every blade of grass that grows. Lei‘ohu will share the story of the Kalo (Taro), ‘Oha (The Shoots), and the relationship between humankind, the Natural World and the Cosmos. In this module, we will explore: How to heal your family and your lineage through understanding the relationship to the land How to forge a deeper connection with your lineage, and come into harmony with the wisdom of the lineage that you carry; honoring your own family wisdom connects you to everything Surfing the spaciousness and freedom of the interconnectedness of all life, and the many ways to communicate with your universal family Download immediately Lei‘ohu Ryder – Aloha Spirit now Module 5: Embracing KuleanaSacred Responsibility in Alignment With the Divine We will explore how to cultivate and align your individual sacred responsibilities within yourself so that you can identify the gifts you came here to express, share and offer in service to all life as only you can. We all came to have fun on this planet and to passionately express our gifts while standing in alignment with the Divine. You will go within to understand: Hā, Kū, Kua and Akua, which are aligned and defined within Kuleana. In this module, we will: Play with discovering the joy of your gifts Celebrate being alive in the garden of Aloha Module 6: Pule & ManaLiving a Life of Prayer & Sacred Action We are the seeds of the gods and goddesses, expressing ourselves as divinity through sharing our unique gifts with the world. You will contemplate the power of turning your daily actions into offerings to the Divine in whatever form you hold as your Higher Power. This module will include conversations around: The importance of claiming and expressing your authentic power, and why connecting with it activates the sacred Life Force How wielding your authentic power manifests actions of Aloha Living your prayer Module 7: MahaloLiving in Gratitude This module concludes the course with insights, contemplations and words of wisdom related to living your life in gratitude. Living in gratitude releases the weight of daily living from your shoulders, fills your life with peace, light and truth, and acknowledges the foundation of spirit which is Aloha. When you live in the energy of Mahalo, you understand that every experience must be embraced with appreciation because the gift is always there, even in the most challenging moments. Mahalo is the acknowledgment that we are divinely connected within and without. In this module, we will explore concepts such as: The essence of gratitude Living in a constant flow of energy, expressing gratitude for all blessings in every moment We are infinite beings; our spirit, the spirit of Aloha, and all of life are infinite When we say Mahalo, our body naturally bows to the Earth, expressing our gratitude that we have the privilege to be alive in this moment Where Mahalo is, gratitude serves The Aloha Spirit Bonus Collection In addition to Lei‘ohu’s transformative 7-part virtual course, you’ll receive this powerful double album as a special bonus. This bonus is being offered to complement what you’ll learn in the course and deepen your understanding and practice of the course materials. The Call Within & Honor All Life22-track Double Music Album From Lei‘ohu Ryder and Maydeen ‘lao The Call Within & Honor All Life are two musical journeys in one that invite you to awaken your Indigenous Soul. As emissaries of light reflecting primordial memories of the origins of ourselves, we each are being called into the spiral of the knowing of ourselves in order to rise from our isolations and to remember our oneness. The songs, chants and musical expressions activate the encoding in listener’s DNA.

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