Local Coupon Formula + OTO123 + Bonus

Local Coupon Formula + OTO123 + Bonus

Local Coupon Formula + OTO123 + Bonus

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Local Coupon Formula + OTO123 + Bonus Is this the end of fulfilling services or outsourcing work for local consultants? Overworked Local Consultant Develops “Magic Coupon Formula” Copy This ONE Set-And-Forget Digital Coupon That Brings In New Customers  To Any Business For YEARS, For Easy $197-$697/Month Clients Simple, Newbie Friendly Strategy NO Selling or Cold Calling No Fulfillment After Easy 10 Mins. Set Up Set & Forget Monthly $197-$697 Retainers Zero Out of Pocket Expense No Technical Skills Required Virtually ZERO Competition  Passive Income Without Leaving Your Home Getting Local Clients To Pay $197-$697 Every Single Month,  Is Like Taking Candy From A Baby, When You Bring Them  Paying Customers Through Their Doors… This Digital Coupon Formula Brings In Red Hot BUYER Traffic  Introducing… Local Coupon Formula PROVEN Local Coupon Formula Drives Paying Customers to Local Businesses And Cranks Out Passive Income For You 24/7 Here’s just a taster of what you’ll get inside… How to target these specific local clients that sell one-off goods and services who are in desperate need of this ‘Local Coupon Formula’ service Let me show you how to find these perfect clients who are in dire need of a constant stream of paying customers, and who are willing to pay you hundreds of dollars every month for you to automate this for them. How to get clients without leaving the comfort of your home I’ll share with you simple, proven prospecting tactics that land these clients without any selling or cold calling. In fact, my tactics get them calling YOU. How to generate the perfect, customer-pulling Digital Coupons – zero expertise necessary I’ll hand you my exact proven formula, so you can simply copy and paste what works. You can be up and running in under 10 minutes flat. How to ‘set and forget’ your digital coupons so they become 24/7 evergreen billboards that never sleep I will show you exactly how I set my Digital Coupons to ‘evergreen’ so the audience automatically changes every 7 days, always reaching new people, without you having to test, tweak or lift a finger – wave goodbye to monthly fulfillment and expensive outsourcing. Easy $197-$697/month per  digital coupon within the next 7-14 days Let me show you how to get set up fast, and get results in the quickest time possible – perfect for newbies, or experienced and jaded marketers needing a quick win. How to make your clients addicted and dependent on you, so retaining clients is never an issue Before I discovered this recurring income stream, I broke my back every month selling and fulfilling services. My biggest issue was keeping clients. Now I’ll share with you my formula for making every single one of my clients dependent on me… some of my clients have been with me for several YEARS. How to scale your local agency business to 6 figures, while working part time I get that you may have a job, or kids to look after…so let me show you how to start this business as a ‘side hustle’ with zero experience and zero upfront budget. And yet, you’ll be able to scale to 6 figures, without you needing a ton of staff, and without you needing to do tons of work. Why 2019 is the time to strike, before this Coupon Formula becomes general knowledge This is a ‘hiding in plain sight’ tactic that’s remained a secret since I discovered it in 2015. However, it’s not likely to stay like this. Don’t miss the boat. Bonus Modules Included when you get started TODAY Bonus 1: Done-For-You Testimonials  You know that I hate selling and cold calling, right? It’s why I created Local Coupon Formula in such a way that it literally sells itself. These done-for-you testimonials do the selling FOR you. These are genuine testimonials from local businesses, just like your prospective clients, who have enjoyed serious results and increased profits due to the power of Local Coupon Formula. This is real social proof – a powerful persuasion tactic. I’ll hand you 5 real testimonials I use to make prospective clients fall over themselves to implement your services. Bonus 2: Local Coupon Formula Mastermind Group Lots of people will invest in Local Coupon Formula, but will never take any real action. Why? Because at some point, they will have questions, they’ll have ideas they want to bounce around, they’ll want a second opinion, or they’ll just need someone to motivate them and cheer them on to action… but there’s no one around. Trust me, I know how you feel (I’ve been there too). Which is why we set up ‘Local Coupon Formula Mastermind Group,’ an invite-only Facebook group, where you can ask questions when you get stuck, get practical answers, and never feel alone again. This Is What You Get When You Join Today… The complete evergreen ‘set and forget’ Coupon formula for driving a ton of new customers to any local business you choose, including proven coupon templates in all major niches for you to copy and paste Over-the-shoulder videos, in a private and secure member’s area with 24/7 access, that break down this entire process into easy-to-digest chunks – follow along my course step-by-step, or easily skip ahead to any video you want – it’s all here at your fingertips. Companion PDFs to the video series, to help you refresh your memory at-a-glance, or for those that prefer to learn by reading instead of watching. Get Local Coupon Formula + OTO123 + Bonus download right now!

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