Making Meetup Work For You: How to be a successful organizer

Making Meetup Work For You: How to be a successful organizer

Making Meetup Work For You: How to be a successful organizer

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A Powerful Platform

There are many people who have grown up in a particular area and have developed a rich group of friends and associates who share common interests or who they can tap for advice.  But many people live far from where they grew up or had a childhood and adulthood that has not allowed them to make those same sorts of associations and bonds.  They might find themselves in a new place, looking for people who share their thoughts and ideas (or who challenge them).

Meetup is primarily a place to meet people.  Their tagline is “find your people” and I can truly say after nearly a decade of experience organizing and attending Meetup events that you really can find your people.

But, along the way, I learned so many lessons about myself, and more importantly, about organizing a successful meetup group.  I’ve distilled those lessons into this course.  After taking this course you will:

  • Know the history of Meetup and understand how, like Airbnb and Uber, it’s a very on-trend business.

  • Know what a “third place” is and how what you’re doing in Meetup is related to that.

  • Understand how to create your Meetup group within an appropriate niche.

  • Be clear on the logistics you have to have in place each and every event you host so that you can have a successful Meetup group from day one.

  • Be better advised on creating partnerships not just with the venues you host your Meetup at, but people who can help you host.

  • Know the maintenance and ongoing work you need to do to keep your group growing and have it thrive.

  • Have a firm grasp of the finances necessary to run a Meetup and how you can run multiple meetups profitably and hence literally get paid to do something you love.

  • Understand that sometimes Meetups only last for a season and the proper way to wind them down.

  • Have some insider tips based on my own successes and failures.

Not for everyone

Organizing a meetup is not for everyone.  Like any test of leadership, it asks you to take on burdens that will not be placed on other members of the group, and will make you a lighthouse that your fellow members will depend on to continue building the group with you.  But if you’ve read this far, you have at least the curiosity to build a group, which means you also have the potential for success.  Once you’ve taken my course, you’ll have the tools you need to actualize that potential.

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