Manga Drawing Basic Course / Basic Drawing

Manga Drawing Basic Course / Basic Drawing

Manga Drawing Basic Course / Basic Drawing

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In this course, the members challenge themselves to create original manga based on the Japanese folklore, “Momotaro”.
We had Kei Natsumi-sensei, a manga artist, draw a sample manga called “Nekotaro” and they use it as a reference in our lectures.


You can master basic usage of drawing tools and use various techniques.

<Feature of course>

Full-scale lessons from a school that has produced over 100 professional manga artists

Receive video versions of lessons from Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM).
We provide all kinds of classes that many professional manga artists took themselves.
Get practical tips and insight into working as a manga artist that you can’t get through self-study.

This course will be helpful for both complete beginners and those who already have some experience drawing manga, as it will help you improve your basic manga drawing skills and resolve your problems.

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