Martial arts – Short stick fighting

Martial arts – Short stick fighting

Martial arts – Short stick fighting

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Instructors: Michael Stelzer Ph.D.

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The short stick (also called the dan Bong, tahn Bong, or short tambo) is a self-defense weapon measuring 8 to 12 inches in length and approximately 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. This Hapkido weapon is primarily used in the application and reinforcement of joint lock, pressure point, choking, and striking techniques. The Dan Bong’s small size allows for easy carrying and concealment from a potential attacker and an effective means of stealth armament.

The mini stick (also called the Dulo-Dulo, palm stick, pocket stick, or mini stick) is similar to the Dan bong but only measures 4 to 6 inches in length. This weapon is used to smash superficial nerve areas, eyes, throat, and groin areas or grab muscle and rip.. The palm stick is easily concealed so it can be drawn before the attacker was aware of any type of defensive maneuver. The palm stick was also used to make it easier get to a primary weapon, which in ancient times was the sword.

This course teaches the traditional self-defense techniques for the short- and mini-sticks as well as short stick katas. It is an ideal teaching aid for review, rank testing, competition, and self-defense.

Grandmaster Michael A. Stelzer holds several advanced ranks (10th Dan and above) in various styles of martial arts. Additionally, he holds three doctoral of science degrees and is a certified professional wrestler.

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