Matt Andrews – Transform Your Life With ManTarA

Matt Andrews – Transform Your Life With ManTarA

Matt Andrews – Transform Your Life With ManTarA

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TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE WITH ManTarAUsing Channeled Angelic Light Language toExpand out of Limitations and Align with Your Higher Self Many people are dissatisfied with their lives and desperately want to improve their situation, whether it be their health, relationships, or financial abundance. Society has trained people to look outside themselves for the answers and to logically try to solve their problems. This external focus is extremely disempowering and the over reliance on the mind has left most people frustrated and feeling stuck in the ever tightening looping nature of the intellect. ManTarA is a collective of high-level Angelic beings, of which my higher Self is a part. Our approach, when helping people transform themselves, is to bring the emphasis back to improving their inner relationship with themselves and then to simply allow their external situations to reflect this new harmonious alignment.Get immediately download Haled Matt Andrews – Transform Your Life With ManTarA Angelic Light Language bypasses the intellectual mind and communicates directly with the Soul, Heart and physical body of the recipient. We work deeply within the Soul contracts, energetic structures and cellular memories to clear out the root causes of limitations. As the individual expands, this language is used to facilitate an energetic invitation to allow the embodiment of Self Love and Joy, and the awakening of Soul wisdom and confidence. This facilitation activates dormant potentials and higher desires, bringing the individual a clear sense of purpose and direction and allows life to flow with ease, freedom, joy and abundance. All issues simply clear themselves as their life stream moves into alignment with their higher Self and Source. This comprehensive package will transform your life from the inside out

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