Mediumship for Beginners

Mediumship for Beginners

Mediumship for Beginners

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Duration: 2 hours   – Rating: 4.3744493

Instructors: Shannon Ghioni

Reviews: 2   –  Salepage

Categories:  Lifestyle,Esoteric Practices   –   Sku: 2757664

  • Learn what a psychic and medium is and the differences between the two

  • Learn the fundamentals of meditation, in both importance and action

  • Help to reduce the fears that may be associated with Mediumship and Spirit connection

  • Learn about protection, intentions and setting boundaries – and why these actions are important

  • What are non-physical energies? Learn about who/what is around us

  • How to, and why you may or may not choose to work with divination tools; such as, crystals, Tarot and Oracle cards [to name a few]

  • How to clear energies, and why

  • Be shown the gateway steps for connecting with Spirit, and passed loved ones

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