Meg Bitton – Simple Studio – Boys

Meg Bitton – Simple Studio – Boys

Meg Bitton – Simple Studio – Boys

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Meg Bitton – Simple Studio – Boys   Boys, beautiful boys! There’s no hiding with boys. No fancy dresses, flowers and glitter, just me, my camera and a bunch of beautiful boys! You don’t have to be afraid of posing, styling or shooting Boys. In this workshop, you’ll see me take boys of all ages and bring their real personalities out in my images. Get immediately download Meg Bitton – Simple Studio – Boys See how I capture a close-up, a waist up image, and a full body image for each boy, making each image unique to the boy in question, but giving you a wide variety of poses and options to draw upon when YOU are shooting boys! Learn how to make the boys that you shoot comfortable and capture them at their best! Let me help bring out the best in YOU too, with a little help from some Beautiful Boys!  

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