Miniature Food with Polymer Clay for Beginners

Miniature Food with Polymer Clay for Beginners

Miniature Food with Polymer Clay for Beginners

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Instructors: Maha Atef

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In this course I’ll teach you how to make miniature food charms with polymer clay. This course is designed for beginners, so you don’t need to have any prior experience about polymer clay as I’ll start the course with the basic knowledge about it including;

  • Polymer clay general properties,

  • Conditioning polymer clay,

  • Baking polymer clay.

After that I’ll take you through a number of seven different tutorials for making realistic looking food charms that you can put on keychains or you might make them as jewelry. These tutorials are;

  1. Donuts.

  2. Burger.

  3. Cinnamon roll.

  4. Cheesecake.

  5. Pizza.

  6. Ice cream.

  7. Cupcakes.

Through out these tutorials, I’ll show you my tips and tricks for making textures, dripping sauces and cheese, icing and other food ingredients! So If you’d like to make some charms that everyone would like to eat then join me now!

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