My General Counsel™

My General Counsel™

My General Counsel™

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My General Counsel™   Dandrew’s closely guarded legal strategies for structuring the risk away from your fund’s investors. My General Counsel is an intensive study of commercial real estate’s most important legal strategies that Intermediaries should exercise on every deal. In addition, you’ll discover how to effectively structure debt, equity and hybrid deals. Key deal structuring best practices are shared to ensure success. Dandrew has partnered with attorney, Fred Waid, of the law firm Hutchinson & Steffen, to teach those pursuing a career in commercial real estate with indispensable legalities that must be taken into consideration when working up a new deal. Don’t make careless mistakes that could have easily been prevented. My General Counsel is an examination of vital due diligence tactics. Sit down with our 38-page informational tutorial and enjoy Waid’s candor as he brings real-life examples of successes and failures into the classroom. Discover the risks involved if these strategies are ignored and the rewards if properly executed. My General Counsel is a must-have for every Intermediary. Don’t be a victim and endure the consequences of these easily preventable mistakes. Intermediaries Will Learn: Fund Structures: Debt, Equity and Hybrids Dandrew Media are fund structure experts. Learn creative deal structuring strategies and how to effectively use debt, equity and hybrid scenarios to get the deal closed. Acquiring debt is a craft and we’ll show you key tactics to ensure success. There’s a lot of money out there and General Counsel will help you discover how to access equity with competitive rates. From debt to equity, there are endless structuring possibilities. Knowledge is power. We’ll give you the capital intelligence to align you for success. Understanding the Lender/Borrower Relationship The relationship between a lender and borrower varies for every deal. Discover scenarios in which it’s more beneficial to use a broker or direct to lender. Licensing Essentials Don’t end up in a regulatory nightmare. We’ll teach you why it’s important to gain a thorough understanding of your state’s licensing requirements. Deal Structuring Success How you structure deals has changed significantly over the years. In today’s market it’s imperative to develop a strong exit strategy early on. All parties will want to know how they can get out before they get in. Do Your Homework Be careful, be aware and always ask the questions. Learn the four key areas where conducting superior due diligence is a must. What’s Included: Intermediaries will receive our 38-page My General Counsel manual and accompanying DVD’s.   Read more:

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