Nail Art Course – One Stroke Technique

Nail Art Course – One Stroke Technique

Nail Art Course – One Stroke Technique

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Duration: 2.5 hours   – Rating: 4.097742

Instructors: Gabriela Cismas

Reviews: 3   –  Salepage

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– This is a training course in nail art, aimed at anyone who wants to expand their range of knowledge in the field of nail art. One stroke painting technique or Chinese painting is a relatively easy technique to perform in the specialized salons, and gives the clients a special, unique and at the same time spectacular design! The popularity of Chinese painting or the famous one stroke technique through which decorative elements can be obtained on nails has begun to increase, as many women have become bored with abstract patterns and are looking for a more natural, harmonious-looking manicure. The principle from which this technique starts is to make shadows by applying two colors on the same brush: one dark or strong and the other, bright.

You can make beautiful nails with ornamental patterns inspired by nature, with cherry blossoms or roses or colored petals

This style of nail-art is based on flower patterns for example: lilies, roses, poppies, etc. But also butterflies. This technique offered a perception of the world and a positive attitude.

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