Natalie Berthold – Reiki Mastership Certification 2016

Natalie Berthold – Reiki Mastership Certification 2016

Natalie Berthold – Reiki Mastership Certification 2016

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Natalie Berthold – Reiki Mastership Certification 2016   Have you always wanted a super easy, simple, yet powerful way to heal yourself and others? Ever thought it would be cool to supercharge your food and water, your bed, your dog’s and baby’s food, cleanse a room, charge your jewelry, your vision boards, you skin products, your websites, you name it? Well, then Reiki is the perfect thing for you. Gone are the days when Reiki was used only by the villager healer…EVERYONE can use Reiki on practically any way they come up with, for the good of well-being, because it is benevolent life force energy that passes through you! The possibilities are endless! Natalie takes a practical, common-sense approach to reiki. Her teaching style in engaging, supportive and to the point. To anyone who knows her, her healing abilities are amazing — and this alone is enough to inspire those who become part of her healing lineage. ~Justin After you have successfully completed these 3 steps (in your own timeframe), you will receive a 15 min distant attunement (a process that connects you to the Reiki energy), and receive a hard copy of your official certificate, by snail mail. If you decide to become a Reiki Master, I will also send you the links to the manuals, the certificate templates, my “Giving Attunement Cheat Sheet” and more, since you now will have the ability to teach and attune others! Get immediately download Haled Natalie Berthold – Reiki Mastership Certification 2016 No need to travel long distances to come learn Reiki. No need to give up hours of your time all in one sitting. No need to compromise rent or your first born to pay for the training series. My mission is to spread Reiki to as many people as possible in a fun, clear and easy manner so that anyone who desires, can start healing themselves and others right away! Imagine what a better place this world would be if everyone was attuned to Reiki and operating on a higher vibration! Wowza! Order today and start the good vibrations! Reiki Level I–This is where you learn about What the heck Reiki is, what you can do with it, and the history of Reiki. You will then be attuned to the energy of Reiki and you can start using it right away! (2hr, 18 min of video instruction) Reiki Level II-In this exciting level, you learn 3 Reiki symbols: The Power Symbol, the Emotional/Mental Symbol, and the Distance Reiki Symbol which enables you to do Reiki for peeps thousands of miles away! (1hr 2 min of video instruction) Reiki Master-In this level, you learn the Reiki master symbol, which is the highest amount of energy streaming through your palms! You are now ready to teach and attune others if you like! (59 min of video instruction)

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