NON-STOP Jiu Jitsu

NON-STOP Jiu Jitsu

NON-STOP Jiu Jitsu

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NON-STOP Jiu Jitsu      When it comes to strategy and planning your game in jiu-jitsu pretty much every top instructor will say the same thing…They’ll tell you, “Attack, attack, attack.”And this is really good advice.  It applies regardless of whether you’re trying to sweep your opponent, hunting for a submission, or passing his guard.Moving forward and keeping your opponent on the defensive gives you a huge advantage both from the top and the bottom.  That’s because your opponent is reacting to you instead of setting up his own game. He’s so busy trying to catch up, adapting to a changing landscape, that he doesn’t have the mental bandwidth to launch his attacks on you.  He’s automatically a step behind.But the reality is that “Attack, attack, attack” is a lot easier to say than to do.The fact is that most people’s jiu-jitsu is really a bunch of single moves.  This sweep by itself.  That guard pass by itself.These isolated techniques get thrown at the opponent, but they don’t connect together in combinations and there is no big picture.Combinations are much more effective than single moves.  And that’s largely because you avoid analysis paralysis.What that means is simple.  You try your move.  If it doesn’t work then you need to stop, analyse the situation, and plan your next move.  That’s the moment of paralysis.  Instead of automatically knowing what to do next you have to take time to figure it out.During the time it takes to do that analysis you’re no longer attacking, and that delay gives your opponent a golden opportunity to start launching his own offence.Doing jiu-jitsu with single moves and no gameplan is like a boxer throwing only giant Hail Mary roundhouse punches one at at a time, hoping that this one punch will connect.  No backup plan, no second attack.But that’s not how boxing works.  Every good boxer uses combinations, throwing punches in bunches.  The first punch sets up the second punch, the second punch sets up the third punch, and so on…Your jiu-jitsu should be exactly the same.Combination attacks embedded in a coherent step-by-step game plan should allow you to flow around the resistance you encounter, and neutralise your opponent’s reactions.  A framework that tells you what to do next cuts down on your decision making time.Even if your cardio isn’t the greatest then it’s still better to fight this way.  Launching ineffective single attacks while getting crushed by your opponent is actually way more tiring than using 3 or 4 moves together, getting to a dominant position and then resting a bit to get your wind back. Get immediately download NON-STOP Jiu Jitsu Some people develop these gameplans on their own, but this can take a very long time.  And inevitably there will be long periods of time where their jiu-jitsu is totally stagnant while they try to figure things out, which can be very frustrating.So yes, ‘Attack, attack, attack‘ is the right answer.  But it’s not a complete answer.What you actually need to follow this strategy is a gameplan.  A set of actionable steps for what to do and when to do it.  A framework for linking individual techniques together into a powerful and flexible strategy.Non-Stop Jiu-JitsuA Resource to Help You Develop an Attacking Style of Jiu-JitsuIf you’re not using combinations and gameplans in your jiu-jitsu then you’re giving your opponent an opportunity to turn the table on you after every technique you try.  Single moves are great, but they’re not what high-level jiu-jitsu is all about.To make it easy and quick for people to add this ‘Attack, attack, attack’ mentality to their game I brought in BJJ black belt world champion Brandon ‘Wolverine’ Mullins.Together we created Non-Stop Jiu-Jitsu which features a series of plug and play gameplans for controlling your opponent in the open guard, sweeping him, passing his guard, and stabilising your dominant top position.Brandon is a genius when it comes to connecting the right techniques in the right order. He is also able to take the highest level of jiu-jitsu and boil it down into its simplest steps. That’s why in this instructional you’ll get complete, beginning-to-end, cradle-to-grave strategies.The random, unpredictable, chaotic nature of jiu-jitsu has finally been organised and systematised so that anyone from an absolute beginner to an experienced black belt can revolutionise their game with these drag and drop formulas.This instructional uses a revolutionary new format making learning the material much easier and faster than ever before.It will give you a formula that you can use to frustrate your training partners on the mats and defeat your opponents in competition.  Boiling down all that complexity into a step-by-step process so that you can use the same techniques, combinations and strategies that elite-level professional competitors are using.This is not just another BJJ instructional with a mishmash collection of random techniques.One of the first things you’ll learn in Non-Stop Jiu-Jitsu is how to set up your open guard correctly.Everything from getting your grips, where to put your feet, how to off-balance your opponent, and how to keep him so busy that it prevents him from even thinking about passing your guard.  Techniques that’ll work even if your opponent is fighting you tooth and nail.Then you’ll learn the guard sweeps and attacks themselves.This section of the instructional focuses on the guard sweeps from the Butterfly Guard and the de la Riva guard.  Brandon covers how to set up the best sweeps, how to make them work against different types of resistance, and the right way to transition into other techniques.There is a TON of competition footage in this section showing these exact techniques being applied under pressure against fully resisting opponents at the highest level of competition.You’ll be getting a complete step-by-step game plan for your open guard.  But that’s not where we’re stopping; there’s a lot more material than that in Non-Stop Jiu-Jitsu…The next thing you’ll learn are the exact techniques that world class competitors are using to pass the guard.Guard passes are often taught in isolation, which creates a problem: if you learn to pass the guard this way then after you sweep someone you’ll have to completely reset your position in order to start your guard pass.But you reseting your position also allows your opponent to establish his own position. Which then makes it a fair fight: your best guard pass against their best guard attacks.But you don’t want it to be a fair fight.  You want to create a situation where you hold all the cards, keeping control of the situation and never even letting him get his own game started.  You want guard passing to be an unfair proposition…Basically you want to bring a gun to a knife fight!That’s why the best time to pass the guard is IMMEDIATELY after a guard sweep or takedown.  While your opponent is still disoriented and hasn’t yet established his preferred grips and hooks.This instructional will also show you how to link your attacks and go directly from your guard sweeps into your guard passes.When you combine guard sweeps and guard passes correctly then the grips and hooks you established for the guard sweep actually help your guard pass, keeping him just as helpless and immobilised on the bottom as he was on the top.Non-Stop Jiu-Jitsu will show you exactly how to follow up your guard sweeps with the most powerful guard passes in the grappling repertoire.  You’ll learn seamless cradle to grave progressions of what winning world class jiu-jitsu looks like.When we filmed this together I was blown away by the level of detail that Brandon showed.It’s an incredible product that address topics, techniques and concepts that have never been covered in any other Grapplearts instructional, nor, to my knowledge, in any other instructional available in the market today.Non Stop Jiu-Jitsu  

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