OSHO ZEN TAROT: A Guidance tool-kit for problem solving.

OSHO ZEN TAROT: A Guidance tool-kit for problem solving.

OSHO ZEN TAROT: A Guidance tool-kit for problem solving.

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Duration: 1.5 hours   – Rating: 5

Instructors: Lavina Tilwani

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Welcome to the world of Osho Zen!

The Osho zen deck tell the complete story of our spiritual journey with 79 cards. In this deck however one extra Master card has been added. This card allows us to leave the spiral behind, to take jump off the wheel of death and rebirth.

With the Osho zen cards, the students will connect more to the spiritual side of reading than the practical. They talk about karma and the inner most deep aspects rather than an outward approach towards a query.

The students can learn to connect with the deeper and unconscious mind of their client and give them a beautiful understanding of their issues. The cards are easy to interpret and can mirror the moment and present what is here, now , without judgment and comparison. The students can also merge with other decks while giving readings to their clients by adding osho zen as guidance cards.

So all of you out there,


Outcome of the course:

  • Give accurate readings and guidance to the clients

  • Read the spreads to give love life guidance.

  • Read the spreads and give guidance to improve your career and work life.

  • Take client reading and solutions session for 1 or 2 hours.

  • Get healings done on the basis of the guidance provided by the Osho Zen.

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