Patrick Kun – Patrified

Patrick Kun – Patrified

Patrick Kun – Patrified

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Patrick Kun – Patrified SansMinds presents the amazing Patrick Kun in action. This is a complete collection of Patrick’s most updated work. Are you ready to be “Patrified”? Seven Killer Effects 1. Be-Tween ProductionRub two jokers at your finger tips and a card visually appears in between the jokers. PK style! 2. PK DoubleA single handed double lift with just the right balance of flourish and practicality to perform for live audience. 3. Inflict EvolvedThe first visual sandwich effect that allows your spectator to do the magic. The moment they touch a card, it visually changes to another. The evolved Inflict. 4. Centerpoint RetouchThe updated display version of Patrick’s signature Centerpoint effect. Slick and sweet! 5. MorfThis is the effect everyone is talking about. Four random visually transform into any four of a kind of your choice. Get immediately download Patrick Kun – Patrified 6. DIY AcesPatrick’s take on spectator cuts to the aces. It has never been easier! 7. SnowblindPatrick’s ultimate finale for his everyday professional card routine. What’s your excuse not to learn it? **Comes with special gimmick produced from USPC. Supply your own blank deck Readmore:  

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