Paul Mascetta – Storytelling Blueprint

Paul Mascetta – Storytelling Blueprint

Paul Mascetta – Storytelling Blueprint

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Paul Mascetta – Storytelling Blueprint   THESTORYTELLING BLUEPRINTThe Complete Guide to Incorporating Storytelling Into Your Sales Process, Business, and More Without Coming Off as “Salesy,” Pushy, or Cliché! Here’s Just a Bit of What You’re About to Learn Inside The Storytelling Blueprint… How story structure can become your most powerful business asset by copying the “core confidence” trick the best business leaders in the world use to inspire prospects and audiences to act…Research-proven and real-world tested techniques you can use to inspire action from prospects, customers, and employees simply by integrating a great story into your business or sales process…6+ ways you can get your customers to start sharing your stories for you and where you need to make your stories visible so they organically spread with no marketing expense…How to actually get your prospects to tell you their objections, desires, and deepest fears about your products or services during the sales process…The “AH-HA Moment” secret to great storytelling you can’t miss. Using this secret will allow you to inspire others to think greater than themselves and move subconsciously toward action…25+ ways stories help businesses and how to create the substance-based stories that trigger subconscious actions practically programmed into the minds of your audience at a young age…All the knowledge you need to build great stories to share online, in-person, over the phone, in your marketing materials, and more…PLUS so much more is packed inside this 10 video lesson series on how to incorporate great storytelling into your business!In Video 1, You’ll Discover How Stories Help Your Business as You Learn… One innovative storytelling technique you’ll use to solve complex problems in your business. This immediately applicable storytelling skillset will allow you to drastically improve communication inside and outside of your business…What really makes a story (HIINT: It’s not what you think). You’ll learn the core story components essential for a commanding audience and triggering key persuasive emotions…Critical plot techniques and a complete discussion of “the hero’s battle” and how framing that battle can make or break your ability to persuade…12+ physical characteristics and cues of an engaged audience. When people are truly listening, you’ll look out for these behavioral characteristics and realize you’ve “won” the persuasive battle…The research-proven fact that 95% of people make decisions subconsciously and how you can tap into the subconscious and create an internal dialog capable of promoting your argument, offer, product or service…Left Brain Vs. Right Brain – It’s likely you already know the difference but do you understand the 7+ psychological storytelling triggers that bypass the logical side of the brain that says “no” and engages the creative side that’s begging to buy?One subtle lie everyone tells you about “facts” and the shocking psychology-backed trick you’ll use to present findings that bypass your customers’ desire to discuss “facts” and instead urges them to buy…In Video 2 You’ll Discover… 20 reasons well-crafted stories work, even if they are 100% fictional, and how you can add incredible value to your products and services through effective storytelling…How to frame your offer as credible, believable, and (most importantly) valuable to your audience and more, but not just from the perspective of price. You’ll learn how to create priceless emotional value for your audience…Quick communication secrets essential for framing, introducing, or closing offers. You’ll learn 15+ quick tricks you can use to spark the “I’m interested” mindset of anyone, anywhere…How to use “problem solving stories” to create a perception of innovation, creativity, and believable teamwork within your business that clients will basically beg to be a part of…Making stories “stick” in the minds of your prospects and the shockingly simple yet frequently mishandled technique you’ll use to bypass prospect consciousness and create “can’t stop thinking about it” thoughts that drive purchase decisions…Using storytelling to craft an unforgettable USP and why having a Unique Selling Proposition that’s truly unique actually matters no matter what industry, niche, or vertical your business is in…Learn How to Create Stories that “Sell Without Being Sleazy” in Video 3 as You Learn… Storytelling Vs. Information Telling – What is the difference anyway? You’ll unlock the 12+ vital elements that transform your informational content into compelling, can’t stop thinking about it storytelling…5 key components of storytelling, how to integrate them into business, and how to use them to improve prospect, customer, and even employee relationships…9 narrative forms you think are stories but actually aren’t. You can try to use these, but they rarely to work. They look like stories, but they don’t trigger the same “selling without the hype” style you need to use with your prospects…How you can flip the 9 narrative forms you should never ever use around to actually make them work (but BE CAREFUL because this is an advanced technique you can’t proceed with unless you read chapter 3 first) …The truth about testimonials, when you should use them, what they really are and how to effectively integrate them into your business and your message…What case-studies really tell your audience about your business, products, and services and one hard-to-avoid mistake involving testimonials and case studies you’re likely to make…Begin Crafting an Effective Story With this Information From Video 4… Why creating a theme for your story is essential and a simple strategy for creating 2-3 top themes sure to resonate with your audience…A clear-cut process for discovering what your audience needs to believe in order to take action and how to break-down their beliefs into story tenets that inspire action…The secret to creating a protagonist for your story who your audience connects with, how to tap into their beliefs, emotional pain, problems and more, and how to frame your story so they know you can help…Why you should absolutely never use the word “story” in your story (PLUS how to get around it when people start suspecting you are using the undeniable power of story to persuade)…Understanding problem, plot, and narrative arch and the role each element of story structure plays when it comes to presenting a narrative designed to sell without being “pushy” to your audience…How to create a detailed outline and the set of step-by-step instructions you’ll follow to go from “blank page” to complete oral or written presentation in no time…Brainstorming 101 – Coming up with ideas, understanding your key message, and realizing how to blend your message into the needs, wants, and goals of your audience…The 2 step outlining process that guarantees you don’t miss any of the sensory details, facts, or interesting information your audience will beg to hear PLUS how to avoid the “side paths” that frequently turn people away from your message…Tightening up your story and the 3-step process you’ll use to guarantee your message is ready for your audience…In Video 5, You’ll Learn 17+ Must-Know Storytelling Techniques Including… “The 30 Second Rule” and what it means for capturing and maintaining audience attention (you’ll learn how to start a story the right way each and every time)…How to start a story with a story and the number 1 mistake most presenters make (HINT: It has to do with introductions)…skip this and you risk watching your next presentation or pitch turn into a snooze fest…Why stories are really mental journeys and how to match your intended images, sensory constructions, and psychological cues to your audience to craft an intentional mental journey they’ll thank you for giving them…Showing VS. Telling – Do you know the difference? You may have been told you need to “show not tell” when it comes to story (and even persuasion), but do you really know how to “show?” You’ll discover one strategy that uses sensory language to show (and therefore persuade) your audience…Understanding what your audience should see and how you can predict where the mind of your listeners will “wander” as you present (this is especially important if you are in sales)…One key to being concise and clear you’ll use to hold the steadfast attention of your audience (Don’t miss this point because skipping this is one of the most common presentation storytelling errors)…An innovative (but incredibly simple) technique you can use to skyrocket your credibility in the eyes of your audience…Here Are a Few of the Ways Video 6 Shows You How to Create a “Can’t Forget” Story… You’ll learn the 4-piece structure selection technique that allows you to combine multiple story elements into an emotional experience for your audience…3 things Hollywood story tellers have already done for you that you’ll ethically steal. Simply swipe the strategies you’ll discover as you watch video 6 and leverage them to gain lasting influence with your audience…4 popular business storytelling structures (again, just copy and paste these structures to create a story that meets your desired pitch, presentation, or sales objective). Each of these forms feel “natural” to your audience so you’ll never worry about coming off as a desparate salesman…The 6 sections of your story you’ll label beforehand to streamline the story writing, telling, and presentation process…When to use figures of speech, when not to use them, and how to choose the idioms you’ll use with your specific audience…Should you be funny or not? Learn how to use humor effectively to create a memorable story your audience will remember even if they’ve listened to dozens of other presentations before and after you…Taglines, personal reflections, questions, and contrast…learn exactly how to use each of these 4 elements to create an unforgettable story…Use the Tools in Video 7 to Construct Your Own Story Repertoire and Learn… 3 types of stories essential for your repertoire…you’ll discover exactly when you should use each type…How to use set stories about overcoming obstacles, finding success, or starting up to define core values, motivate customers or employees, and create a broader meaning for your business…Where to actually find the information you’ll use in your stories and how to effectively convey complex emotions about your mission, USP, and more that will resonate with audiences…When you should and shouldn’t use customers in your stories and how making the wrong choice can lead to long-term failure for your business…10+ hidden (but extremely valuable) “story search locations” where you’ll find inspiration and ideas for stories to start presentations, inject into pitches, or motivate people…How to subtly include your competition, differentiate yourself from them, but avoid badmouthing them (remember, today’s competitor is tomorrow’s investor or ally)…One way to avoid “guilting” potential customers into making a purchase (if you have any fears about coming off as pushy with your stories…this should be it)…During Video 8, You’ll Discover How to Connect Everything You’ve Learned About Storytelling to Your Products and Services and… How to create and tell stories your customers will love to share. From viral reach to organic marketing you don’t need to pay for, you’ll learn how to create stories around your products and services other people will want to talk about…The techniques you can actually use to find shareable stories…you’ll learn the questions you need to ask yourself about potential stories, the answers you’re looking for, and the reason why people will share the stories you create…One method of “bringing the outside in and the inside out” business and organizations of every size can benefit from (few entrepreneurs and managers are actually using this, but almost every successful organization does it)…3 “whys” you need to ask about your products and services. Your customers are already asking these questions to themselves, if you use a story to answer them, you’ll be one step closer to winning more prospects over…How to make the customer the “hero” in your story, why it’s important, and the reason you need to avoid making your product, service, or business the hero at all costs…4+ ways you can persuade customers to tell your stories for you. Honestly, you don’t need this guide to understand how because at least 30+ major retailers are doing this right now (thing is, we’ve already done all the research for you)…7+ story integration strategies. From social media to email and your website, you’ll learn how to embrace the power of story across all of your marketing channels, creating a combined “vision” your audience will love to share…You’ll Learn to Use Stories to Enhance Your Credibility, Sell Your Products, or Get Funding for a New Venture and… Learn “pre-prospecting” techniques essential for creating a message that connects with your audience (we’ll show you how to get in the mind of your potential prospect)…Building customer chemistry to the point where your buyers or potential customers will actually tell you exactly how they are thinking and feeling during the sales cycle (use this technique and you’ll feel like people instantly want to “open up” to you)…Understanding awareness level within the market place, learning the role of your brand, and where you fall into place as a salesperson before you have to “bite your tongue” after making the wrong move…How to use storytelling during the prospecting process, one way to get people to tell you their unique story (so you can use it later) and more…Online, telephone, and in-person storytelling—the essential differences, broken down, discussed, and explained so you understand what to do and what not to do in almost any sales situation…Using story prompts to uncover the needs, desires, and even objections to the sale your prospects have (if you only implement ONE of the lessons you’re about to learn, make it this one)…5+ differences in storytelling you’ll use when you’re trying to get people “on board” with your ideas or when you are seeking venture capital for your business…Finally, Video 10 Will Show You How to Use Stories to Get People to Take Action as You Learn…… Meaning-building methods that help your audience understand how they fit into your message, your brand, and your vision (use this to inspire customers to act or build a workforce dedicated to your vision)…5+ ways you can use storytelling to build a stronger culture within your business. You’ll recognize more “wins” once your entire business unites around your goals…How to use stories of failure to prevent future failure. Discover how to keep people moving forward by using the history you may not want to talk about as fuel for the future…Ways you can use “outside of the box” stories no one will ever see coming to inspire action, ignite emotion and identify problems that need to be solved…3+ techniques you can use to fuel creativity. You can use these storytelling techniques to be a better leader even if you know absolutely nothing else about leadership…Using stories to solve problems. You can actually implement the storytelling methods you’re about to learn to find simple solutions to even the most complex internal and external business problems…And much, much more!Click Below, Order, And Learn To Create Stories That Always End With Your Subjects Agreeing With You! Get Download Paul Mascetta – Storytelling Blueprint Right Now!

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