Peter Fenner – Radiant Mind

Peter Fenner – Radiant Mind

Peter Fenner – Radiant Mind

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Peter Fenner – Radiant Mind Radiant MindWhat is Radiant Mind?Radiant Mind arises when unconditioned awareness radiates through the totality of our conditioned existence. When we live in radiant mind, we experience ourselves as a unique human being, while at the same time resting in a unified expanse of centerless and boundless awareness. This state is called liberation, buddhanature, egolessness, pure presence, nondual wisdom, our natural condition, and effortless being.The ultimate goal of all human endeavors Get immediately download Peter Fenner – Radiant MindThis state is the ultimate goal of all human endeavors. Why? Because when we rest in unconditioned awareness, there’s nothing more that we need. There is nowhere further to go. It’s the only state that’s totally fulfilling. Radiant Mind programs direct us to the space of unconditioned awareness as a way of transcending suffering and embracing the future, free of fragile hopes and deep-seated fears.Time-honored nondual traditionsOur programs are inspired by the Mahayana Buddhist traditions of Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Madhyamaka. Our programs use the timeless realization of nondual awareness as the source for authentic intimacy, healing and inner peace.Radiant Mind programs combine the ultimate view of Asia’s most refined nondual traditions and the finely-honed skills of Western psychology. Our programs blend the liberating power of nondual wisdom with the intimacy and psychological depth we find in Western counseling and therapy. Get immediately download Peter Fenner – Radiant Mind In Radiant Mind we do nothing more, and nothing less, than what is required to rest confidently in the radiance of pure being. Our work addresses this challenge through skillfully refined forms of contemplative inquiry that lead us directly into the space of spontaneously arising, nondual presence.

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