Psychic and Intuitive Development: Intuitive Evolution

Psychic and Intuitive Development: Intuitive Evolution

Psychic and Intuitive Development: Intuitive Evolution

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Instructors: Kalsie Lindsey

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What is Intuitive Evolution?

This is a course I have designed specifically for you, the individual wanting to learn more about the spiritual arts.

We all are born with the ability to do “Psychic Readings”. But, Psychic development is more than just doing readings. It is you being able to find a way to trust your intuition. A way for you to understand why you feel and know the things you do. We all were born naturally with the ability to use that sixth sense, or e.s.p. I truly believe that it just takes you a little bit of guidance by a trusted spiritual advisor to get you there!

No matter what position you hold in life, You are capable of learning how to tap into your own gifts and access the higher realms.

Thru this course you will have access to each lesson, step by step. It starts at the very beginning of the core of Psychic Abilities. You will be guided with video lessons, how to videos, and hands on exercises to help you gain a better understanding of what abilities you may not know you are capable of.

(We are all capable of ALL the abilities. I will show you how.)

I call this Intuitive Evolution for a simple reason.

This is “Your Intuitive Evolution”.

I help you evolve your sixth sense in a way that you can’t find anywhere else, or for this price. This is more than just a course where you learn as you go. This is the whole deal!! The whole shabang!!

You will get access to:










All it takes to dial up your intuitive super powers is a little guidance.

What we cover in the Intuitive Evolution Course:

* Guided meditations to meet your Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, and be the best Spiritual Divine being you can be

*Introduction to Psychic Abilities

*Protection Techniques

*Angels and Guides, How they are different from eachother and how to access them

*Meeting your Guides

*What is your specific Learning Style, and how to use it to gain universal information

*A deeper look at the 8 Clair abilities

*What are Chakras, How to clear them and blockages

*How to read Oracle cards for yourself, and others

*The different Oracle Card Layouts you can use for everyday life and unanswered questions

*How to use a pendulum, What is your yes and no on a pendulum, The different charts to use to gain answers from a pendulum, Using a Pendulum on others, How to find Healing thru the use of a Pendulum

*Palmisty, and How to read your own palm and others

*What are the different crystals, and the many uses for crystal healing and Light work

*Akashic Records, What are they, and how to access them

By the end of the course you will be proficient in psychic readings, tarot, oracle, pendulum, palmistry, meditation, chakra clearing, and so much more! You will be the expert. I teach this course the same way my mentor taught me, and use the same progression of learning that he taught me.

I have had the blessing of teaching hundreds of students, and have a thriving clientele, all due to me learning how to tap into my abilities, and use them for my and  your highest good!

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