Qi (Its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables

Qi (Its mystery unfolded),  5-Essential Human Life Variables

Qi (Its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables

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“Qi” is a word and concept often used by Chinese in many different contexts and situation. e.g. “I am very angry”, the word Qi is used. or “I am full of passion”, the word Qi is used.

Most westerners associate Qi with Chinese Qigong, implying that Qi is only used in Qigong context.

Unfortunately it is not so. Hence this video course will enlighten you the use of Qi can be very profound and effective, with useful application of this Qi concept in daily living, health, sickness, diets,  emotions, psychology etc.

Westerners translate “Qi” as “Energy”.

After you finish this course, you will find that the word “Energy” cannot fully bring out the concept of this mysterious ” Qi”. In fact, there is no such English language that is about Qi. You will surely benefit greatly in this video course which talks on Qi.

When we discusses the “5-Essential Human Life Variables”, “Qi” is one of the five fundamental variables. This shows that “Qi” is very important to our lives.

In our other ancient wisdom course on , “Food Therapy”, we also mentioned that foods also has property and function of  “Qi”. You will be very surprised, because western nutrition theory does not have the concept of “Qi” in the foods.

You will find that. “Qi (Its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables” is an invaluable and indispensable knowledge, related to your life and happiness.

(This is another video course of the series of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic courses. This series of 6 courses are inter-related. However you can take up this course to start learning first).

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