Realism Studies Masterclass

Realism Studies Masterclass

Realism Studies Masterclass

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Instructors: Margarita Bourkova

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Hi there! Welcome to the Realism Studies Masterclass! This is going to be a very extensive course on rendering different materials with digital art. Studies are an excellent way of improving your skills and I believe that the more life studies or photo studies you make, the more realistic your paintings will become. As digital artists we sometimes need to be able to render things like wood or stone or metal – and many more!

This is going to be a two part course. In the first part, I’ll walk you through my whole process of creating a fully rendered, very realistic still life study. I’ll start by creating a rough sketch, and then a line art sketch. I’ll then show you how I work with colours by building up layers on top of my sketch. Finally, I’ll show you my process for rendering these different materials and making them look as lifelike as possible. In the second part of the course, I’ll show you a fun little exercise where I’ll quickly render six different materials. If you’re not a fan of large still life compositions, this exercise will be a good alternative and it will also help you improve your rendering skills.

This class is recommended for : All Levels

Basic digital art knowledge is recommended, because I won’t be going over all the fundamentals. But I truly believe that everyone can benefit from painting studies, no matter their skill level. The more studies you paint, the more experienced you’ll become, and the more realistic your studies will look.

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