Russell Stutely – Multiplied Force Fighting System 5 DVD Set

Russell Stutely – Multiplied Force Fighting System 5 DVD Set

Russell Stutely – Multiplied Force Fighting System 5 DVD Set

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Russell Stutely – Multiplied Force Fighting System 5 DVD Set

Here is a small selection of what you are about to learn:
  • “Live” examples (with two training partners) on the right and wrong ways to perform Russell’s MFFS…cementing the learning experience and ensuring you pick this material up as quickly as possible!
  • Why too much tension in strikes is the ‘starting point’ of what most people do wrong with their martial arts training…and how Russell’s secret of ‘controlled pliability’ will change the way you look at hitting an opponent forever!
  • Application-specific examples of applying Russell’s power strikes to joints and locks…drawing on energy for super pain. Lift your opponent off his feet in pain!
  • Why and how to apply this material so it’s like the difference between hitting someone with a daffodil or a sledgehammer!
  • Why you can devastate one or multiple opponents with simple strikes with a power injection that only Russell can give you (you can use the MFFS against multiple opponents too, or armed opponents!)
  • How small shifts in striking strategy can garner huge changes in your results…and what to do to apply this to your own style…doubling your power with half the effort. Take out any opponent with ease.
  • Why hitting someone in the face with Russell’s MFFS is likely too dangerous…and where to hit instead for maximum impact with minimum chance of total wipeout.
  • How to use the MFFS in different planes of movement. Using these planes, you’ll be able to apply this material in nearly all situations. NEVER be out-surprised again. Learn how to take out an opponent in any scenario.
  • THE biggest mistake martial artists make with their feet…and most of them don’t realise this! You will – and when you do, you’ll exponentially increase the power you generate when striking opponents.
  • How to short-circuit the body, ensuring a near ‘rag-doll’ state in your attacker. Use and couple this with power and it’s astonishing. This is Placement Point Technology at its very best and an integral part of the MFFS.
  • How to use MFFS meridians to know how to hit in parts of the body that will crumble even 20-stoners with ease. Again, coupling this with power (and simplicity) makes for a hugely powerful approach towards self-protection.
  • How to use the ‘triangle’ above the eye to really knock an attacker sideways…and why gag reflex points can be so powerful in street defences.
  • Why you don’t need to be accurate to get Russ’ Placement Point Technology ‘off’. With most material you’ll find, you need to strike something small. Not so with Russell’s material – and it’s another reason why we like it so much.
  • Why Placement Points are all over the body too… meaning that it’s a simple matter to take an opponent out in virtually any scenario… whether you can or can’t hit their legs, arm or face – it won’t matter. There are enough points to mean anyone can get off a super-effective placement area that will buckle your foe.
  • Important point: these placement points ARE powerful. Do NOT misuse them. This is serious stuff. They’re not to be misused.
  • How to use MFFS gall bladder and liver meridians. The correct application of these points is incredibly powerful. WARNING: do NOT use these excessively.

Here’s what you’ll get: DVD 1 – Power Generation

  • This DVD covers the fundamentals required to ensure that you gain the MAXIMUM benefit from the MFFS. Learn to DOUBLE or even TREBLE your Impact whilst utilising HALF of the normal effort.

DVD 2 – Placement Point Technology

  • How to utilise the weak areas of the body in the most effective way. This is the true “appliance of science”

DVD 3 – Back Up Support System

  • What to do when it all goes wrong. Yes… Russell has thought of everything. IF you make a mistake and all is going wrong, then this is what you need next!

DVD 4 – Using MFFS in Real life Scenarios

  • Step by step instruction in the most common street scenarios and how to utilise MFFS correctly. A MUST HAVE DVD

DVD 5 – Devastating MFFS Knockouts

  • How to use the system to K.O and / or completely disable your opponent.

Salepage: Russell Stutely – Multiplied Force Fighting System 5 DVD Set proof: Russell Stutely – Multiplied Force Fighting System 5 DVD Set

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