Sarah Elizabeth Entrup – Healing Your Mother Wound

Sarah Elizabeth Entrup – Healing Your Mother Wound

Sarah Elizabeth Entrup – Healing Your Mother Wound

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Sarah Elizabeth Entrup – Healing Your Mother Wound In the spirit of Mother’s Day, let’s heal our Mother wounds! The Mother wound is the pain we inherited unconsciously from our Mothers. This is an ancestral wound that gets passed from generation to generation. Being a Mother is hard. And most women, especially the previous generations, had no place to process their rage, sadness, dissatisfaction, and the stress of the role of Mother. So this pent-up and unresolved pain got replicated within our being and our bodies. Some of the ways this pain showed/shows up in our Mothers was/is dissatisfaction, unhappiness, loneliness, resistance, shame, comparison, and depression. Some of the ways this pain can manifest in your life is an inability to show up in your life the way you want to, low self-worth, numbing your wants, needs, and desires, being less-than, and playing small. We are now conscious enough that it is time to heal this wound. As we heal this wound within ourselves, we find we have the space to be as big and powerful as we can be. Our Mother wound often presents itself as a glass ceiling in our lives. Healing it and releasing the pain of our Mothers gives us permission to fully embody who we are. What we can have and allow for ourselves greatly increases as we heal the Mother wound. What’s included in this course? Because this is deeply unconscious, you will uncover the layers of this wound over the course of several days. Being in a container of healing this wound for three days will let your unconscious awareness come into alignment and more fully release it. You will be working in your dream space at night, immersing yourself in a guided audio class and meditation during the day, and your sub-space will be shifting/getting worked on throughout the day as well. Get immediately download Sarah Elizabeth Entrup – Healing Your Mother Wound This is sacred work! It does not matter if your mother is alive or has passed, it is never too late to release this wound. And, if you have children, this work is CRUCIAL to you and your children! Day 1: Waking Up to the Full Overlay of Your Mother Wound For most people our Mother’s energy lays in our space completely unnoticed. Because our bodies were made from her there is little to no separation energetically with our Mother’s until we become conscious of the difference between them and us. We will look at our karma, or stories with our Mother. Why are we carrying here? What needs to be completed or resolved to let her go? Day 2: Healing & Releasing Your Mother Wound Cellularly, Emotionally, Spiritually We will journey into our inner landscape and start to release the energy of our Mother. We will practice with and use powerful tools to help us release. These tools can become a part of your regular practice to help you stay centered and clear. Day 3: Activating Your Essence and Upgrading Your DNA. We will journey through our female lineage and clear the energy in our lineage so we can claim more of our essence. We will start to activate our power! When we have access to our power we are able to bring more of our essence into our lives. We will open up the DNA and release anything on a genetic level that no longer serves us. We will activate the fullness of our Souls and draw that into life! Get immediately download Sarah Elizabeth Entrup – Healing Your Mother Wound Heal Your Mother Wound Course Dates: May 12-14, 2017. Each day you will receive a special email to describe the daily focus, along with access to a recorded audio class and meditation. We will support one another through this journey in the Free the She Facebook community. Readmore:

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