Shante Cofield – IASTM Redefined

Shante Cofield – IASTM Redefined

Shante Cofield – IASTM Redefined

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Shante Cofield – IASTM Redefined Movement screening techniques to identify faulty motor patterns Change movement quality & presentation with tool-assisted demonstrations Ripple effect Treatment variables Outcomes Introduction to front/back and lateral chains Taping Would you like to receive Shante Cofield – IASTM Redefined ? Description: Intended for practitioners and therapists with all levels of experience with soft tissue techniques, this recording introduces and demonstrates effective new techniques for movement therapy and performance enhancement that integrate Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). Watch this demonstrative video and learn more than just the anatomy, physiology and neurology of myofascial soft tissue work – watch as IASTM intervention strategies are demonstrated in conjunction with kinesiology taping. Learn corrective dysfunctional movement screening patterns, the utilization of soft tissue tools and exercise techniques as part of a comprehensive approach to patient care that improves patient outcomes.

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