StartupBros – E-Commerce Empire [Elite]

StartupBros – E-Commerce Empire [Elite]

StartupBros – E-Commerce Empire [Elite]

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StartupBros – E-Commerce Empire [Elite] Greetings future seller – I’m Will Mitchell!I started selling on Amazon way back in 2002, and made enough money to drop out of high-school to focus full-time on my e-commerce empire!Now I live the life I always wanted — I get paid to travel the world (working whenever & wherever I want), and my company sells over $1,000,000 per MONTH (click for proof)…And my story isn’t unique! Since I started E-Commerce Empire in 2014, I’ve seen hundreds of new entrepreneurs leverage Amazon to escape their 9-to-5 and live the life they really want.When I got started, there was nothing to help me. No blog posts, no YouTube videos – I had to lose LOTS of money to figure out how this stuff worked!But YOUR problem today is the exact OPPOSITE – you’re drowning in outdated & overly-complex info from sellers who don’t even have much success themselves…TODAY, however – your luck all changes…You’ve just discovered E-Commerce Empire – my flagship training program & virtual mastermind that’s already changed the lives of over 6,000 new entrepreneurs!But the way to win on Amazon has changed drastically. What worked in the past will cause sellers to fail in 2020, and even big sellers are being lazy and getting dethroned……And that’s good news for you!I’ve just spent over 250-hours destroying my old program and re-building EVERYTHING. Every tool, template, tactic, and strategy was torn apart and re-made…So now it’s your turn to ditch the sea of guru confusion and finally build the business you’ve been trying to build. You’ll have my help and the support of thousands of active sellers in my brand new Virtual Mastermind — E-Commerce Empire 2020!Will MitchellFeatured In:logos-combined8-Modules of Battle-Tested “Over-My-Shoulder” TrainingCopy the exact blueprint used by thousands to launch your empire. Includes strategy guides & action items for each lesson.We Personally Help You w/ Unlimited Newbie CoachingYou’ll get unlimited help & advice from us w/ bi-weekly newbie coaching. Attend these til you’re launched & profitable!Swipe My Private Templates, Scripts & Vendor RolodexBuild your business quickly & correctly w/ Negotiation Scripts, Contract Templates, Custom Tools, and ALL my contacts!Keep Killin’ It w/ Lifetime Access to Virtual MastermindStay on the bleeding-edge (FAR ahead of your competition) w/ lifetime access to the industry’s best virtual mastermind!Get Instant Access Now  What Makes E-Commerce Empire 2020 the Absolute Best?SELLING PHYSICAL PRODUCTS​IS MY MAIN GIGI sold my first product on Amazon in 2002 and have been building e-commerce brands ever since. I’ve succeeded (and failed) with every spin on this business model, and tested every trick in the book…So you can trust that everything I teach comes from my own real life experience. This is all fresh, original & battle-tested…I started out as a literal child and STILL don’t have a high school diploma. Yet I was able to fumble my way to selling over $1,000,000 per MONTH today (click here to see)…Selling physical products online has been my main gig for nearly 20-years. And together, we’ll make it your main gig too!Click here to see the live sales chart showing right now in my company offices!​Click here to see my main e-commerce store!THE MOST TRANSPARENT, HONEST &AUTHENTIC SELLERS ONLINEYou’ll be shocked to see how open we are about our businesses. Most ‘gurus’ are too scared to show their products – you can see all of mine…right now! (just click here)There’s not much I won’t show you to help you succeed in this business, and most of our members are the same. Our businesses are secure & stable – not temporary until some competition comes along…You’ll get ‘behind-the-scenes’ examples & templates from myself and other members almost constantly!100’S OF MY STUDENTS QUIT THEIR JOBS & DO THIS FULL-TIME…You can watch interviews & reviews right now with hundreds of students who say this program is the main reason they were able to quit their jobs!Since I started E-Commerce Empire in 2014, over 100 people have told me that THIS PROGRAM is the reason they are now MILLIONAIRES – and you can watch some of their stories right now!Most of my students haven’t sold a single thing before getting started. Their success is my greatest accomplishment…​Click here to zoom in and see just a few of our job-quitters​Click here to zoom in and see just a few of our $1-Million+ Sellers…AND 100+ OF MY STUDENTS SELL OVER $1-MILLION PER YEARI’ve been buying courses since I was literally a child. And when I set out to build my own training programs, I settled for nothing less than the absolute best…I’ve seen a LOT of newbies grow into gurus (with courses of their own), and I know all their unique angles & hooks…And I’ve made sure that this program is the absolute best. It’s miles ahead of ‘competing’ courses (and comes with a 3x longer money-back guarantee, for safe measure).OUR TRAINING CONTENTIS THE ABSOLUTE BESTIN THE WORLDI’ve been buying courses since I was literally a child. And when I set out to build my own training programs, I settled for nothing less than the absolute best…I’ve seen a LOT of newbies grow into gurus (with courses of their own), and I know all their unique angles & hooks…And I’ve made sure that this program is the absolute best it can be. It’s miles ahead of ‘competing’ courses (and comes with a 3x longer money-back guarantee, so you can be sure of it).​Click here to zoom in and see some reviews from raving fansClick here to zoom in and see Jimmy’s Amazon SuccessOUR TRAINING IS WELL-STRUCTURED & FOCUSED ON TAKING ACTIONMost courses I’ve seen are more interested in drowning you with knowledge than helping you achieve that dream result…This program is built to FORCE YOU TO TAKE ACTION! I’ve seen thousands of people try this business, and I know the exact points that will determine your success or failure…Every lesson is laid out in the order you’ll need it – with action items & strategy guides so you can quickly reference back later. There’s MANY custom tools & printable worksheets included to help guide you, and constant Q&A / Coaching for any personal help you might need. WE’RE FOCUSED ON LONG-TERM SUCCESS (NO GET-RICH-QUICK)Anyone can figure out how to hack the algorithm for a weekend and make some quick temporary cash. And it’s great to know those tactics – but they won’t bring long-term success…Our members aren’t college kids looking to make a quick buck. We’re ambitious entrepreneurs with big dreams to chase and families to bring along with us.While most sellers are struggling to find the next way to manipulate the algorithm (and risking suspension) – our members are building brands with long-term value (that can eventually be sold or handed down to your children!)Click here to see the live sales chart showing right now in my company offices!Click here to see the live sales chart showing right now in my company offices!THIS PROGRAM IS BACKED BY A REAL COMPANY WITH FULL-TIME STAFFYour success won’t depend on some guy in his garage doing this in his spare time. We take what we do for you extremely seriously…We’re a real education company that’s developed a reputation for the most authentic and actionable training in existence since we started in 2012…Our team consists of 5+ full-time all-stars working out of the StartupBros HQ in Downtown St Petersburg, Florida. We’ve had (mostly) the same team for years – and we’ve gotten very good at making sure our students are successful!WE’RE THE LARGEST & LONGEST-RUNNING AMAZON TRAINING WEBSITEOur website is the largest & longest-running training resource in existence. StartupBros has received over 200,000 visitors per month since 2012, and our advice has been implemented by everyone from new entrepreneurs to Amazon’s employees themselves…When you become a part of our family, you’re not putting your faith in some fly-by-night solopreneur. You’re betting on the most reputable & well-known name in the industry since 2012!Click here to see the live sales chart showing right now in my company offices!Click here to see the live sales chart showing right now in my company offices!GET PRIVATE Q&A’S w/ THE WORLD’S BEST SPEAKERSEvery year companies pay me to fly out and speak at conferences about how to launch new brands on Amazon. And I’ve also thrown over 10 different events & conferences of my own, too!My favorite part of these events is finding new strategies to bring back to YOU in E-Commerce Empire. I’ll either show you the tactics myself, or bring the speaker themselves in for an extended Q&A…You’ll get ALL the value from the world’s best Amazon events – without ever even knowing they’re happening!JOIN THOUSANDS OF ACTIVE & SUCCESSFUL SELLERS IN OUR COMMUNITYE-Commerce Empire is the longest-running Virtual Mastermind & Training Program for Amazon Sellers in existence – period!So you’re not getting lifetime access to some community that just started last month. My virtual mastermind has thousands of active & successful sellers from all over the globe, who have succeeded with this business in every way you can imagine… Get immediately download StartupBros – E-Commerce Empire [Elite]You’ll rub shoulders (and have direct access) to the biggest names in the industry (and many of those ‘gurus’) inside the original private coaching community that started this whole Amazon craze! And you get instant access – for life!Click here to see the live sales chart showing right now in my company offices!Click here to see the live sales chart showing right now in my company offices!WE’RE WITH YOU FOR THE LONG HAULThis is the most intimate & interactive training program you’ll ever see – by far…Unlike most companies – you’ll actually get MORE interaction with me after you join our community ?From weekly webinars to the coaching community – there are dozens of ways to interact with this program & learn the way that works best for you!THE BEST MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEYOU’VE EVER SEEN…I’m so confident my program is going to change your life, that I offer the longest possible guarantee my bank would allow. So you’re fully protected by a 90-Day Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee!This gives you time to execute the entire launch blueprint without risking your hard-earned cash. If you’re not able to pay off the cost of the program within 90-Days, just contact my team for a full refund — no questions asked!Click here to see the live sales chart showing right now in my company offices!…ALONG WITH A $1,000 CASH-BACK INVENTORY REBATE CREDITAre you ready to take action and build this business? Then you’re going to love this…For an extremely limited time I’m including a $1,000 Inventory Rebate Credit with E-Commerce Empire 2020. All you need to do is place your launch order (for over 100 units) – and I will send you $1,000 in cash to help cover your inventory costs! There’s no catch & no tom-foolery. Just a HUGE inventive for you to place your launch order and finally make it happen!Does This Program Actually Work?The only reason you join a program like this is to get real, tangible results…I’ve been polling our members since my first Amazon mastermind over 7-years ago.Here’s how the numbers stack up so far -3,731Currently Active Members$784mmTotal Member Sales Revenue392Million Dollar Members4.9 Stars from 3,615 Reviews22% of reviews include the word “love”Get Instant Access Now  Week-by-Week Course Curriculum[Day 1-2] Foundational Success Systems    8 Lessons    15:15:12[Day 3-7] Uncovering Your Next Hot Product    9 Lessons    15:15:12[Day 8-9] Source Samples from Top Suppliers    6 Lessons    15:15:12[Day 15-20] Safely Source Your Launch Order    9 Lessons    15:15:12[Start Day 10] Execute Rapid Brand Rollout    10 Lessons    15:15:12[Start Day 15] Creating Your High-Converting Product Listing    7 Lessons    15:15:12[Day 20-48] Prep & Execute 3-Tiered Product Launch    8 Lessons    15:15:12[Day 48-90] Grow Your Product Into An Empire Get immediately download StartupBros – E-Commerce Empire [Elite]9 Lessons    15:15:12[Bonus] Coaching & Training Materials    8 Lessons    15:15:12Here’s Everything You’ll Get8-MODULES OF STEP-BY-STEP TRAINING TO FOLLOW (BRAND NEW FOR 2020)You’ll get my entire battle-tested & highly-proven system for successfully launching new brands on Amazon from scratch. I’ll walk you through every step of the process, in the exact order you need to execute it…Over 100 Step-by-Step Training VideosStrategy Guides & Action Items for Each LessonExecution Case Studies from Successful Members    Interactive Q&A w/ Each LessonCompletely re-designed to take advantage of new opportunities & tactics for success in 2020 ?GET PERSONAL HELP W/ UNLIMITEDNEWBIE COACHING CALLSYou’ll get over 2-hours of personal help every week during my interactive Newbie Coaching Calls!These are live, interactive webinars with a small group of new sellers – where I personally walk you through the execution of the program & help knock down any obstacles you run into…I stick around until every question is answered — and you can attend all the coaching sessions you want (unlimited)!LIFETIME ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE VIRTUAL MASTERMIND COMMUNITYLots of training programs come with private communities. But simply put — mine is better ?You’ll get lifetime access to the original virtual mastermind that started the entire Amazon craze. Thousands of successful sellers who have made their dreams reality are ready & waiting for you to join!You’ll recognize many names & connect with the REAL gurus… UNLIMITED ACCESS TO GUEST EXPERT TRAINING & COACHING CALLSYou’ll get to attend ALL the Guest Expert Training/Coaching Calls inside the E-Commerce Empire program…Whenever I meet a fellow speaker at an event who has something valuable to say, or see a fellow seller crack the code on a new sales tactic — I’m going to bring that person to YOU!You’ll see private information speakers only share within elite communities, along with training & coaching on how you can execute the topic at hand…No need to fly around the world to get the best content — I’ll bring it all to you, AND you get an interactive Q&A with it ?COPY & PASTE YOUR WAY TO SUCCESSW/ MY PRIVATE RESOURCE VAULTSince I originally started this program in 2014, I’ve added tons of Templates & Swipe Files to remove the guesswork & speed up the process. You’ll get 17+ different resources, including…Supplier Contact & Negotiation ScriptsPurchase Order Agreements & ContractsCustomer Communication & Mktg TemplatesProduct Insert & Email Mktg Templates    Many more inside…USE MY VENDORS & SUPPLIERS W/ ACCESS TO MY PRIVATE ROLODEXI’m giving you the golden key to my constantly-updated private list of resources & contacts I’ve used to build my business. All vetted by me personally OR members of my high-level Amazon mastermind for $1mm/yr+ sellers…Freight Forwarders (Shipping Companies) Photographers & VideographersCopywriters & Graphic DesignersSourcing Agents & Inspections    Many more inside…GET HUGE DISCOUNTS & FREEBIES W/ MY VIP DISCOUNT DATABASEI’ve negotiated special exclusive discounts on every tool you’ve ever seen — along with my reviews & recommendations for each. These are discounts you won’t see ANYWHERE else.Many established sellers join this program for the VIP Discounts alone! You’ll NEVER pay full price for a tool!Click here to see the live sales chart showing right now in my company offices!WORLD-CLASS SUPPORT READY TOHELP WHENEVER YOU NEEDYou’ll have my team for 5+ full-time staff available to help you whenever you need… Nobody wants to be held back by technical issues or confusion. You’ll have multiple different ways to contact my team to make sure you’re getting the most out of the program.You’ll get the help you need within 4-hours at the very most…PLUS ALL THESE BONUSESBONUS #1: 2-MONTHS FREE ACCESS TO VIRAL LAUNCH PRO SELLER SOFTWARE SUITEDon’t you hate making an investment like this, only to find there’s additional tools you must buy? Me too ?I’ve negotiated an exclusive deal for all new members to get 2-months free access to ALL Viral Launch tools needed to launch this business correctly…Instead of skimping and using the wrong tools – I’m giving you free access to the most elite software suite that exists for launching new products on Amazon ?BONUS #2: FREE ACCESS TO MYPRODUCTIVE-PRENEUR PROGRAMMy ProductivePreneur Program contains everything I know about reaching peak productivity as an entrepreneur. It’s easily the most valuable thing I’ve ever created…After coaching thousands of new entrepreneurs I had an epiphany — how could 300+ people become millionaires, while others simply give up using the same blueprint?It’s all about controlling your brain & environment to create the optimal conditions for performance & success. ProductivePrener is the perfect companion to E-Commerce Empire, showing you how to become the next success story.You’ll live a life that’s TWICE as productive after going through this course (at the LEAST). This will blow your mind!BONUS #3: ADVANCED MINI-COURSE FORFACEBOOK ADS & MESSENGER CHATBOTYou can use Facebook Ads & Messenger Chatbots to help  drive sales, increase reviews, and build your list of customers…Some of these tactics are nearly free & pair perfectly with your product insert campaigns. Not to mention almost completely automated, too!You’ll get access to an advanced mini-course & case study showing which types of campaigns are the most profitable + how to get them replicated & running in your business…BONUS #4: FREE GS1-CERTIFIED UPC BARCODESFOR YOUR FIRST 5 PRODUCTSYou’ll need a new GS1-Certified UPC Barcode for each additional product you launch on Amazon. This is another small extra expense most new sellers run into…But I get these much cheaper than you can — so you’ll get 5 Free GS1-Certified UPC Barcodes for your first 5 products ?BONUS #5: OPTIMAL BUSINESS STRUCTURES & HOW TO SET THEM UPMost guru’s completely leave out important details like taxes, insurance, business structures, offshore companies, and other legal & administrative requirements…You’ll get an entire mini-course covering ALL these details in-depth, along with a blueprint for WHEN each piece is needed.You’ll see several different legal structures that have worked for successful sellers in different countries & situations, and how to implement the one that works best for you…BONUS #6: ADVANCED LIST-BUILDING &FUNNELS FOR AMAZON MINI-COURSEOne of the most powerful strategies you can use to catapult yourself past your competition & build a powerhouse business fast is building a list of fans you can market to on-demand…You’ll get an advanced mini-course & case study showing exactly how to execute it within your business. I’ll even show you how these launch-lists are used to manipulate your product’s ranking on Amazon (without breaking any rules).BONUS #7: 3-MONTHS FREE ACCESSTO FOUNDERS CLUBYou’ll get 3-months of free access to the StartupBros Founder’s Club — where you’ll get monthly updates from the front-lines of all my businesses. You’ll see the guts of running & growing multi-million dollar companies – in all it’s messy glory!Monthly “From the Front” Physical NewsletterList of Hot Products & Upcoming TrendsNew Strategies & What’s Working NowUpdates & Discoveries From My CompaniesPhysically Delivered to Your Door (PDF for Int’l)Monthly Office Hours Coaching w/ Me & My TeamExtra 2-Hours Coaching on Specific Strategies & TopicsMonthly Case-Study Interviews w/ Successful MembersSee How Others Use the Program to Succeed    Get Coaching From Others w/ Interactive Q&A’s

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