Steve Maxwell – Gimme-Five Mobility Series

Steve Maxwell – Gimme-Five Mobility Series

Steve Maxwell – Gimme-Five Mobility Series

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Steve Maxwell – Gimme-Five Mobility Series Each segment addresses a different aspect of mobility, comprising a useful mini-workout on its own. It’s also possible to combine any segment with another, or all eight segments together for a holistic mobility-training program. Steve has studied systems worldwide, then taken the best he’s learned and put them into powerful beneficial sequences. Each 5-minute routine is a condensed version sequence of the best movements Steve knows. Steve Maxwell’s Gimme-Five mobility series is for the seriously time-crunched person whose circumstances limit their training plans. This could be due to a heavy work load, travel, social pressure, or even physical space. You can expect to experience increased energy, clarity, freedom of movement, optimism, and the confidence that comes with body self-reliance. The movements in Segment 5, a demonstration of the ancient 5-Rites of Tibetan yoga, have been around for millennia, but Steve considers this one of the most potent, practical routines known to him. Steve Maxwell’s Gimme-Five mobility series is divided into eight 5-minute segments as follows: Segment One: Self-Massage There are several forms of self-massage demonstrated: shaking vibration Systema running The biggest enemy of mobility is tension within muscles. If you want to get mobile, it’s important to learn how to rid the body of excess tension. Segment Two: Standing Mobility Most people don’t have the time to fool around. Steve shows you how, in 5-minutes, you can get a respectable mobility workout. A 5-minute standing series you can use as a mild workout of its own, a brief warm-up before other activities, or as beneficial movements between rounds of other, primary exercises. Releasing movements specific for tension in the neck and upper back. Download Steve Maxwell – Gimme-Five Mobility Series right now on ! Segment Three: Vestibular Reset The best of the vestibular resets. A great way to take a mid-day break, sure to stimulate the brain in a positive way, and keep the essential movement patterns intact. Can be done anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Segment Four: Spinal Rocking Series Steve’s all-time favorite mobility drills. If you have a stiff neck and an aching spine, this is a wonderful way to loosen up. Not just good for the back, but tones the core structure as well. Steve proves that you don’t need a lot of time to get in a great mobility drill — just a few minutes will do. Segment Five: 5-Rites of Tibetan Yoga An ancient form of health therapy. Steve demonstrates how you can get the fountain of youth benefits of these dynamic mobilizations in just 5-minutes a day. Not a tutorial on the Tibetan 5-rites, but a useful daily compendium Steve shares to help you start each day with vigor. Segment Six: Breath Release Body tension is the biggest obstacle to mobilizing the joints. Steve shows a wonderful, breath/tension/relaxation sequence that will make you feel like a million bucks. Can be done at home or office. A great way to rid the body of accumulated tension. Segment Seven: Backs, Hips & Hamstrings One of Steve’s most common requests is for hip mobility solutions. Steve shows a quick 5-minute sequence which is sure to keep the hips fluid and in-motion. If you only have time or money for one, this is it. Segment Eight: 5-Minute Shoulder Drill In this 5-minute section, Steve shows some of his favorite shoulder drills. Sure to keep the shoulders lubricated, loosened up, and pain-free. Who is Gimme-Five for? Anyone time-crunched or simply looking for a little change-up in the morning routine Anyone looking for a brief warm-up, cool-down, or just a short break at the office. You can bust out one of these mini-routines anywhere, anytime, anyplace Athletes, non-athletes alike The injured, the timid, the fit and healthy The elderly, the mobility-challenged, the weakly flexible Who is it not for? People looking for lengthy, time-consuming routines (although Steve has ideas for you, too) Miscreants

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