Steven Atkinso – Challenging Geriatric Behaviors

Steven Atkinso – Challenging Geriatric Behaviors

Steven Atkinso – Challenging Geriatric Behaviors

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Steven Atkinso – Challenging Geriatric Behaviors Outline: Normal Aging, Dementia, Depression or Delirium Normal aging changes of the mind Depression, dementia, and delirium Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias Diagnose, differentiate, and develop a plan of care Alzheimer’s Disease Stages Assessment Getting a diagnosis Behavioral issues of early diagnosis Management and interventions Pharmacological treatments Driving with Dementia Driving safety Legal issues Assess driving abilities How to take the keys away Wandering Reasons why cognitively impaired individuals wander Is wandering a bad thing? Issues to consider Manage a wanderer’s behavior Physical Aggression Identify the cause of aggression Loss of impulse control Regression of the mind/child-like mind Manage the problem Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors Normal sexual drive or inappropriate behavior Cognitively impaired individuals Medication management Ethical considerations Would you like to receive Steven Atkinso – Challenging Geriatric Behaviors? Refusing to Eat/Forgetting to Eat Reasons why geriatric patients slow or stop eating Nutritional needs in a geriatric patient Improve nutritional status Malnutrition and dehydration Alternatives to eating Sleepless Nights Sundowning and behavioral problems in the evening Why does sundowning occur? Environmental interventions to decrease aggressive behaviors Medication management when it becomes problematic Caregiver Stress Physical, psychological, and emotional stress Identify caregiver burnout and ways to help Assist the caregiver Other Issues Ways to identify potential falls and prevent injury Causes for orthostatic hypotension Ways to avoid using restraints Case Studies: Learning from Experience and Mistakes How to manage sundowners Strategies to improve hygiene Reassurance and redirection   Description: This is the best recording on challenging geriatric behaviors that you will ever attend – GUARANTEED! Watch Steven Atkinson, PA-C, MS, nationally-known expert, author and speaker on geriatrics for a high-energy, dynamic recording filled with interesting case studies, insightful discussions and interactive learning. You will leave this recording with practical techniques that you can apply the next day! Dealing with cognitively-impaired geriatric patients can be challenging even for the experienced healthcare professional. You will learn strategies to manage behaviors such as: Dementia Aggression Anxiety and depression Refusal of food and fluids Inappropriate sexual advances If older adults are routinely under your care, minimize your risk of escalating the problems associated with troublesome, often irrational behavior by attending this program. Gain valuable insights into the causes of challenging geriatric behaviors and learn innovative and practical intervention strategies to improve the care you provide.  

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