Strategyzer – Mastering Business Models

Strategyzer – Mastering Business Models

Strategyzer – Mastering Business Models

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Strategyzer – Mastering Business Models

Strategyzer – Mastering Business ModelsAn online course that will teach you how to map, design, assess, and test Business Models

  • Learn the Business Model Canvas methodology, used by 5 million+ business practitioners
  • Turn fluffy discussions into practical outcomes
  • Create a shared language around business models and strategy
  • Improve collaboration across disciplines and geographical boundaries within your organization

Here’s what you get…

  • Proven methodology introduced in our global best-selling book Business Model Generation.
  • Over 70 bite-sized learning pieces, across 13 lessons, on 6 crucial topics.
  • Unlimited access to 50 videos and over 8 hours of learning content that doesn’t expire.

…and how you’ll apply it immediately If you’re improving an existing business or launching something new, you’re facing one big challenge. How do you build a strong, profitable business model that can compete in today’s market? Millions of people worldwide use our proven methods to do exactly that – let’s see how you can too.

What’s the business model? – Map your Model Most people have a hard time describing this, due to a lack of shared language. We’ll show you how to map your model using the global standard Business Model Canvas. Once complete, you’ll have a one page map of exactly how you create and capture value.

What does the market look like? – Scan the Environment Every business model –including yours – gets pressure from various forces in its environment. We’ll help you scan your environment to identify possible threats, big opportunities, and fill in your blind-spots

Where can you compete? – Find Unique Value You’ll have to chose your battles if you’re going to beat the incumbents in any space. Our tools will help uncover key opportunities to differentiate from your competition.

How do you know if your model is any good? – Assessing Quality Capturing a business model can be easy, but knowing what to improve on can be hard. You’ll use seven key assessments to identify opportunities for improvement.

How can you Improve? – Prototype You know where you are, and what needs to improve to succeed – how do you close the gap? Here you’ll learn techniques to develop cheap, quick prototypes of business model ideas. Armed with these tools, you’ll be surprised at how fast you can generate options.

What could kill your idea? – Test and Derisk Why do most business models fail? You’ll learn the most common failures, and how companies who used testing to avoid them. More than that, you’ll get a new mindset that will help you save time, money and avoid crippling failures. You’ll also have access to the testing library to set up your own risk-reducing experiments.

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