Stuart Wilson – Mapping Movement

Stuart Wilson – Mapping Movement

Stuart Wilson – Mapping Movement

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Stuart Wilson – Mapping Movement List the physiological effects of rolling/mobilizing tissues Brief introduction of movement-based rehabilitation Scientific rationale/ literature review for myofascial release Framework of mapping movement pillars Relate the concept of a longitudinal muscle chain approach to myofascial release Guide to human movement/biomechanics Fascial anatomy overview Movement neurology Pain science Review and practice myofascial rolling with rollers and balls Demonstrate myofascial release techniques with rollers and balls How is it used for pain mitigation, preparation and recovery? Movement assessment How to identify mobility and stability restrictions Ripple effect Up/downstream methodology Would you like to receive Stuart Wilson – Mapping Movement ? Description: This course introduces the concept of movement assessments and enhancement via myofascial release techniques. It includes a review of the current literature supporting the theory of foam rollers and mobility balls for the purposes of pain mitigation, rehabilitation, activity preparation, and recovery. In order to gain full knowledge and experience from this recording, please have a roller and a mobility ball. You should wear comfortable clothing to allow for full range of motion and be prepared to MOVE.

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