SubliminalClub – Aegis Initiative COVID-19

SubliminalClub – Aegis Initiative COVID-19

SubliminalClub – Aegis Initiative COVID-19

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SubliminalClub – Aegis Initiative COVID-19 The planet and it’s inhabitants are currently going through some trying times with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Thousands of people are fighting challenging battles with this virus, and many have lost their lives in the process. Families, communities, whole nations have been shaken by this worldwide pandemic. This is why Subliminal Club has massively accelerated the public release of our new, bleeding edge technology and organization, one with the aim of protecting humanity in its most challenging and dire of times… The Aegis Initiative. Developed with our cutting edge, “Aegis” scripting platform, which causes profound physical change in a very short amount of time, and built with our powerful, proprietary Q  platform and its Quintessence AI, Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 is our response to the challenges currently gripping the entire globe. That being said, now is NOT the time to try and profit off of pain. Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 is completely free. Please make full use of this subliminal. You are free to share it with anyone and everyone – in fact, we encourage and ask you to do so, just make sure they download it from this page. The powerful Aegis technology is designed to affect humanity on the deepest levels; hence, the more people that run an Aegis Initiative subliminal, the easier the fight against the COVID-19 threat. Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 contains extensive scripting to enhance and strengthen your mental fortitude while also helping you to automatically take the actions that will keep you and your family safe without causing harm to anyone else. The script also emphasizes unity and attempts to forge you into a bold, decisive but empathetic leader, capable of guiding families and communities through perilous times. Since a good leader is a healthy leader, it also attempts to help you to build up your natural immunity through exercise, eating healthy and nutritious foods, natural supplementation (and medications, if necessary). Experimental feature: If you are not sick, the Aegis technology will do whatever it can to help humanity’s efforts through you, be it simply staying at home, volunteer work, or even helping individuals on a quantum level, such as scientists finding a cure, all dependent on your current state. If you become sick, Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 instructs your subconscious to safely fortify your immune system, speeding up the creation of antibodies to directly eliminate the virus and disrupt its reproduction while minimizing COVID-19’s dangerous symptoms. PLEASE NOTE: Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 is not a “cure,” a prophylactic (intended to prevent disease) and doesn’t claim to be. Nor are any of its effects guaranteed. Please do not engage in reckless behavior. Follow the guidelines of your local and national health authorities and contact a medical professional if you run into issues. We are all affected by this virus, and we all have a duty to unite and stand with each other. For this reason, stay safe, take care of yourself, your family and the people around you. Again, we encourage you to share this subliminal to anyone you believe needs it – a family member, your neighbor, a stranger on the street, online friends, a community or forum you care about… whoever it is, they need your help, they need you to stand with them, and you now have the power to change their world for the better. Become a part of the Aegis Initiative. Stand united with your fellow man. Protect those dearest to you, and ensure the future of the place that is home to all your memories and all your stories. Download Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 now, and share it with the people who need it the most. Download SubliminalClub – Aegis Initiative COVID-19 right now on !

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