Summer Huntington – Oubbefl Yoga

Summer Huntington – Oubbefl Yoga

Summer Huntington – Oubbefl Yoga

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Summer Huntington – Oubbefl Yoga     Yoga means Union, to yolk. The Clubbell Yoga practice is a modern expression of the yolking of two very effective ancient systems, eastern Club swinging and Hatha Yoga. Yoga means many different things to many different people, and many yogis follow a specific lineage that resonates with them. We recognize that Yoga can be a spiritual practice, it can be a devotional practice, and it can be a physical practice that leads to other intellectual studies. My personal yoga journey has taken me to some really amazing places in the world. I have chanted, meditated, practiced handstands, headstands and pranayama. I have done a vision quest, gone on retreats, fasted, cleansed, etc. All of the things that define the subculture of yoga, I am privy to and I completely respect those that identify with being a yoga purist. However, at the end of the day, I need my Clubbells to fully express my yoga. Clubbell Yoga is a practice of strength and intelligent movement. It is non dogmatic, but open to interpretations that arise from reaching the flow state. It is grounded in precision, anatomical alignment and breath. The practice itself is empowering, graceful and challenging This fusion is a reunion of strength and yoga. Clubbells are a unique prop in that the majority of the weight is distributed above the handle, therefore when held upright it requires more muscle activation in the shoulder girdle muscles, postural muscles and core to keep it steady. It is different than holding a small dumbbell, where the skeletal structure take most of the weight. When using the clubbells in vinyasa flows, your Clubbell® becomes an extension of your arms and essentially calls upon the inner and outer core muscles to hold it upright. The Clubbell® then becomes a somatic reminder to keep the core engaged and arms engaged during strength poses in yoga. Because of the long shape of the Clubbell®, can be very easily integrated into yoga poses where the arm serves as the long lever (creating more resistance). Vinyasa yoga involves many transitions to get from one pose to the next in a flow. When incorporating the Clubbell® into vinyasa, the body becomes hyper aware of the arm holding the Clubbell® and must move through space in a safe and efficient way. Also, the clubbell travels in all degrees of freedom, which utilizes the stabilizing muscles in the shoulder and core. If you add a Clubbell® to your vinyasa yoga practice, you will elicit a training response. By adding a small amount of resistance to your arm (the mini-clubbell) you will become stronger in your shoulders more quickly. For example, the main weight bearing pose in a vinyasa sun salutation is chaturanga ( a tricep pushup). If the main pose being used to get better at chaturanga is the pose itself, it may take a really long time to get there. However, if you are strengthening your shoulder girdle muscles in other upright weight bearing poses, your chaturanga will improve faster than it would without. Clubbell Yoga also incorporates sport specific movement training into every class. There is time to condition and strengthen your flow by practicing mind body exercise.The Clubbell Yoga fusion will strengthen your yoga, if you are patient and you practice. It is truly an honor to teach and it is my hope that you enjoy Clubbell Yoga and bring it to many other people in your own life. Download Summer Huntington – Oubbefl Yoga right now on !  

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