The Digital Nomad Experience-One month in Japan

The Digital Nomad Experience-One month in Japan

The Digital Nomad Experience-One month in Japan

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This course is NOT about Money-Making as a Digital Nomad.

It is NOT a language course.

It is created for people who already ARE digital nomads and /or wanting to live in Japan.

It helps those who want to move to Japan either on a work-visa or live on your terms (have a business) with a visitor visa.


Hello, I am the instructor of The Digital Nomad Experience-One Month in Japan, which is a lifestyle course where we go through the process of getting you to Japan, staying in Japan and forming a great memory there. This is NOT a language course, it is a PRACTICAL course for Nomads who LOVE Asian culture!!

I have lived and tested ALL the concepts in the course!

The ideal students can speak and read basic Japanese!!


Do you want to have all your important equipment (your babies) shipped to Japan before you arrive?

Do you want to stay in a place for a couple weeks and move around in the country?

Do you want to make meaningful friends with the innovative ones in Japan?

Do you want to explore freedom, fun and excitement with NO STRESS?

If you say YES!! to all the questions, then this course is for YOU!

-Created for Nomads (freedom lovers) by a Nomad in Japan-

No friends, no families…

All I had was the ability to speak Japanese…

My whole life is about moving around internationally, so the idea of having freedom was deeply ingrained in my personality since I was young. However, moving to Japan, the country I truly love, I became afraid.

The social structures are so different, people seem to have a busy life…

On top of that, what scares me the most is…

What if I cannot adapt well in the country I love?

It is like…confessing to the person you truly want to be with and being afraid of getting rejected…

However in 2019, after a series of unfortunate events happening in my life, after getting a huge depression, I finally decided to be truly free…to choose and believe in what I love. That is why I decided to be a nomad and a life free of bondages.

We move forward when we decide to.

After I made the decision and trusted the unseen, within 3 months, I soon managed to navigate through all the systems in Japan. Sometimes, to the surprise of my Japanese friends, I have luck which helped me through situations that are even HARD for Japanese!

Of course, most of the things were tested through trials and errors.


I know what’s like to live in a foreign country.

I was an immigrant to Canada, now a Canadian citizen. The experience in Canada taught me how important it is to figure out 3 things as soon as you arrive to a new country:

1) How to find a safe and affordable place to stay.

2) How to find the essential social resources like hospitals and communities.

3) Financial system.

Language is important, but it is NOT the No.1.

Based on this experience, I have lived in Australia, Japan, United States and of course, traveled to several places short-term.

Preparation is key, because it will make your life so much easier.

That is why this course is dedicated to people who are looking to have a freedom-drive lifestyle that is TOTALLY in sync with your terms. Those who love Asian cultures and want to explore this part of the world more.



This course isn’t a language course.

Although there are Japanese phrases it is NOT meant for language study.

It is a complete preparation for you to MOVE to Japan.

I suggest you check it out as soon as the idea of living in Japan has popped in your mind.


  1. 2 HOURS OF BRIGHT, ENGAGING VIDEO TUTORIALS chopped into digestible 5 to 9 minute bite-sized chunks.

  2. MASTER THE PRONUNCIATION with no prior knowledge needed so when you speak, you will be understood.

  3. GUIDELINES FOR YOUR VISA PREPARATION so you can visualize your trip and get excited BEFORE you go!

  4. PRACTICAL STEPS FOR YOU TO LOOK FOR THE PERFECT PLACE TO STAY so when you arrive in Japan you will feel NO stress at all!

  5. RESOURCES WHERE YOU CAN MAKE THE BEST OUT OF YOUR EXPERIENCE like Japanese cultural events, interesting business centers throughout the country, local food….Truly, your life will be changed!

  6. 50+ downloadable slides so when you visit Japan for a while you know what to expect!


I can’t wait to help you to take a step closer to your dream/goals where you can explore the richness of life and the happiness of a wonderful life journey! Come to Japan, I am waiting here for you! =)

– Vivian, The Japan Nomad Girl

P.S. I’d love to get to know more about you and your goals for taking this course!

Enroll in The Digital Nomad Experience-One Month in Japan now, and feel free to ask any question!

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