The Leads Academy – Pay Per Lead Course

The Leads Academy – Pay Per Lead Course

The Leads Academy – Pay Per Lead Course

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The Leads Academy – Pay Per Lead Course   How To Build And Scale Your Lead Generation Business The Leads Academy is the most comprehensive Lead Generation course online. Learn how to build and scale your Lead Generation business from professionals and avoid making the same mistakes we did. Cut the learning curve with The Leads Academy.   What’s In The Course? Lead Generation Prospecting (How To Get Prospective Lead Generation Partners) Partner Qualification (How To Qualify Prospective Partners) Lead Generation Business Structures (Different Models For Lead Generation Monetization) Landing Page Training (How To Create Landing Pages That Convert For Local Service Based Leads) Adwords Training For Local Lead Generation (Over The Shoulder Adwords Set Up) SEO For Lead Generation (The Blueprint For Ranking Local Websites In 2019) View the curriculum below:   Class Curriculum Course Introduction Start Welcome To The Lead Academy   Lead Generation Fundamentals – Section 1 Start Section 1 Introduction Start Pay Per Lead Model Start Hybrid Model Start Niche Selection Start Niching Down   Partner List Building – Section 2 Start Section 2 Introduction Start Google Adwords Start Home Advisor Start Yellow Pages Start Email Extraction Start Hiring List Builders Start Home Advisor Scraper     Outbound Sales – Section 3 Start Section 3 Introduction Start Cold Sales Emails Start Successful Cold Call Blueprint Start Turn Your Fear of Failure Into Fearlessness Start Present Solutions, Not Failures Start How To Qualify Prospects Start Managing Objections Start Negotiating Start Follow-Up Formula Start Virtual Close Start Sales Scripts Partner Outreach – Section 4 Start Section 4 Introduction Start CRM System Start Outreach Cold Call Start AdWords Cold Call Start Home Advisor Cold Call Start Leads In Your Area Cold Call Start Follow-Up Email Start Landing Page Start Closing Call Start Agreement Signed Start Niche Agency Website Landing Pages For Local Lead Generation Start Introduction Start Anatomy Of A Landing Page Start Headlines Start Lead Capture Forms Start CTAs Start Benefits And Supporting Content Start Social Proof Start Trust Symbols Start Thank You Page Start Conversion Tracking Start Optimization Start Landing Page Extras Start Specificity Building Local Leadgen Landing Pages In Unbounce Start Unbounce OTS 1 – Part 1 Start Unbounce OTS 1 – Part 2 Start Unbounce OTS 1 – Part 3 Start Managing Unbounce Leads Start Confirmation Pages Start Unbounce OTS 2 – Part 1 Start Unbounce OTS 2 – Part 2 Start Unbounce OTS 3 – Part 1 Start Unbounce OTS 3 – Part 2 Adwords For Local Lead Generation Start Introduction Start What Is A SKAG? Start Initial Research Start Keyword Research With Competitors Start Adwords Overview Start SKAG Set Up Start Create Your First SKAG Start Ad Creation & Split Testing Start Variations & Things To Test Start Location Extensions Start Other Ad Extensions Start Adwords Scripts Start Exact Match Close Variants Start Cloning To Bing Start Campaign Optimization Start Negative Keywords Start Call Conversion Tracking Rapid And Unfortunately Technical Lead Gen Campaign Creation Start Introduction Start Getting Started Start Choosing A Target Start Cloning The Lander Start Modifying The Lander Start Modifying The Thank You Page Start Wiring Up Jensen Start Deploying The Lander Start Pitfalls To Avoid Start Campaign Scaling Intro Start Campaign Scaling Overview Start Linux Crash Course Start Getting Your Server Start Uploading Via FTP Start Uploading Via SCP Start Geo Scaling Example Start Niche Expansion SEO For Leadgen Start SEO Testing Sucks Start Forensic SEO Start Initial Research Start KW Clustering and Site Hierarchy Start Know What Google Wants Start Reverse Engineering w/ Screaming Frog Start Avoiding Anomalies Start Creating a Site Workbook Start Creating your Content Start Keyword Densities Simplified Start Building JSON Schema Start Site Inter-linking Optimization Start Optimizing Images Start Basic On Page Optimization Start ImportXML Function for Meta Data Analysis Start Competitive Intelligence Sheet for Meta Data Start Poptimize Start Offsite Optimization Intro Start Competitor Backlink Strategy Start Extracting Competitor Backlinks Start Identifying Situational Optimization Strategies Start Extracting Competitor Anchors Start Anchor Text Classification Start Uploaded 7/3/19 Content Optimization – Term Frequency and Kw Densities Webinars Start Pay Per Lead Business Building Crash Course | Webinar 1 Start Pay Per Lead Business Building Crash Course | Webinar 2 Start Pay Per Lead Business Building Crash Course | Webinar 3 Lead Ascension – Under Construction Start The Leads Ascension Intro Part 1 Start The Lead Ascension Intro Part 2    

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