The Rites of Passage

The Rites of Passage

The Rites of Passage

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The journey into Out-of-Body Travel as it meanders beyond the Initiations and into the Rites of Passage into such spheres which lie beyond words and understanding, the entry into the energetic spheres of knowledge and revelation.

THE FIRST MYSTERY – Initiation into the Mysteries and Rites of Passage – We are What we Emanate

THE SECOND MYSTERY – Thought-Form on the Pattern of Mystery – We will go Towards that which we Seek to Know

THE THIRD MYSTERY – Temples in the Sky – That Which Exists in Time is Completely Altered by the Existence of Timelessness

THE FOURTH MYSTERY – Ignition of the Eternal and Ancient Flame and the Breath of Life – The Ignition of the Ancient and Eternal Flame is made so Through the Energized Breath of God’s Life

THE FIFTH MYSTERY – Entering Cosmic Consciousness or Conscious Lucidity – The Purpose of those Energies which Descend from God into the Soul is that they Become Silent Emanations

THE SIXTH MYSTERY – Initiation into the Way of Life or Death – Choosing Life as your New Soul Configuration and Energetic Emanation

THE SEVENTH MYSTERY – Rites of the Crucifixion and the Mechanism of Mercy – The Intake of the Power of Transformative Suffering so that the Path of Light and Sound may Arise within the Energetic Signature of the Soul

THE EIGHTH MYSTERY – Pyramidal Initiations, the Book of the Eights and Mystery Corridors – To Transcend the Seven Realms of the Physical World and to Achieve the Eight, the Immortal, and to Receive Permanent Inscription into the Book of Life

THE NINTH MYSTERY – Here, There and Always – To Attain to the Ability to Receive the Knowledge of the Energetic Truth which lies Behind every Action/Interaction or Object/Person

THE TENTH MYSTERY – Cycles of Time – To Become Capable of Rendering End-Points to Karmic Cycles of Time into Birth-Points

THE ELEVENTH MYSTERY – The Star of Bethlehem – To Take Within the Cells of the Spirit and Body that Which Becomes Birth Itself, the Messianic Potential

THE TWELFTH MYSTERY – The Seven Levels of Heaven – To Contain the Knowledge and Travel the Seven Heavenly Spheres at Will to Bring that Which is Above to that Which is Below – the Entrance of the Shekinah Spirit


The Great Day of Purification – To Obtain the Purified Unity of the Masculine and Feminine Constructs in Spirit and Energize the Thrust Wherein Karma Will Hit the Ground to Seek Further Purification

THE FOURTEENTH MYSTERY – The Frequency of Otara and the Coming Forth for Thy Wings – To Obtain to the Frequency of the Angelic Hierarchy and Perform Service Rendering the Initiate Worthy of his Wings

THE FIFTEENTH MYSTERY – The Mystery of the Sphinx, the Five Concentric Circles and the Loops into the Dimensions – To Obtain the Ethereal Construct of the Four Corners of Creation, Enter Disintegration of Spirit, and Obtain the Stamp of the ‘Immortal’ so as to Commence the Only True Quest

THE SIXTEENTH MYSTERY – Initiation into the Mysteries of the Ark – To Fix our Heart on God . . . and Cease all Doing, Thinking, Being

THE SEVENTEENTH MYSTERY – Ritual of the House of the Mysteries and the Garden of Eden – To Fix our Eyes on the Perfection of God . . . and Allow that Perfection to Energetically Bring Forth all Which we Are Both Good and Evil

THE EIGHTEENTH MYSTERY – Initiations into all Multiplicities and the Mysteries of Memory – Knowledge Which Extends Beyond Time and into All Life; Human, Universal and Beyond and Touching into this Stream of Experiential Knowledge Expands the Parameters of Understanding, Energetic Knowledge and Wisdom Accessible to the Initiate

THE NINETEENTH MYSTERY – Initiation and Descent of Karma – The Karmic Thrust Will not Cease its Rush to the Physical Spheres, Over and Over Again, Until the Soul has Confounded it Through the Wisdom of God

THE TWENTIETH MYSTERY – Rites of the Ascension – Although the Only Constant of the Eternal is Change, the Initiate Must Unfold in his Ascension as a Changeless Continuity

THE TWENTY FIRST MYSTERY – Initiations into the Holy Energies of the Saints and the Final Entry of the Soul into the Realm of the Ascended –Although Good and Evil Exist ‘Within the Program;’, When a Soul Achieves the Ascension and the Immortal and Eternal Nature, Duality no Longer Exists. As a Result, Darkness Becomes an Absence and Light Becomes a Fullness

THE TWENTY SECOND MYSTERY – Rites of the Medicine and the Alteration of Reality – No Soul may Proceed Forth Until They have Learned to Give Back That Which has Been Taken From the High Frequency Energetic Flow of Evolution, and to Restore that Which has Been Lost Within Humankind Below

THE TWENTY THIRD MYSTERY – Initiations into the Lower Afterlife (Hells and Purgatories) and the Mysteries of the Redemption (Christ’s Life) – For Without the Comprehensive Knowledge of Darkness, a Soul Cannot Achieve and Fortuitously Embalm the Truth of the Light Within Itself or Any Other

THE TWENTY FOURTH MYSTERY – Initiations into the Higher Afterlife (Galactic Heavens) and Death as Initiation – None Can go With the Father Except by the Son, and Every Mystery Within the Context of Creation is Held Intact by This

THE TWENTY FIFTH MYSTERY – Initiation into the Palace of Ancient Knowledge – It is Thus the Ancient Sacred Texts, the Knowledge Contained Within Them and the Vibration of Their Volumes which Ascends the Initiate to this Next Phase Upon the Pathway Into the City of the New Jerusalem

THE TWENTY SIXTH MYSTERY – Initiations into Royal Captivity – Having Fallen from Grace in the Original Garden of Eden, the Initiate Must Restore Himself to the Purity which Transpired Before the Fall of Man in This Clandestine Epiphany of Perfect, Eternal and Unitive Love as Manifested Before the Disobedience of Man to Creator

THE TWENTY SEVENTH MYSTERY – The Ritual Passage from this World into the Solitary Winds – To be Initiated Into the Solitary Winds Requires That the Initiate Be Released From all Attachments to Worldly Energies, Seeking to Grasp Only the Fine Thread of Virtue and to Leave Behind all Trace of Shadow in the Lingering Winds of Misuse

THE TWENTY EIGHTH MYSTERY – Ritual of Re-Entry into the Enclosed Garden of God –To Shut Out Mortality in the Garment of Immortality, and to Return all Mortal Remnants to the World Below in an Ascending Pattern of Light; Locked Up, Always Ascending . . . With the Pattern of Diminution Forever Terminus. The Consummation of the Spirit with Almighty God Complete, Destination Final and Infinite

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