The Ultimate Drawing Course for beginners – With Certificate

The Ultimate Drawing Course for beginners – With Certificate

The Ultimate Drawing Course for beginners – With Certificate

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Duration: 8.5 hours   – Rating: 4.2680206

Instructors: Manar Mouafak Ali

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Do you want to become a professional artist?

Do you like drawing but you do not have time to learn? Are you afraid to publish your drawings?

Do you think you do not have talent? Or maybe you have talent, but have not yet been able to discover your style of drawing?

You are in the right place .. This drawing course will take you an enjoyable trip to learn drawing .. The beginning of the basics of drawing until you reach your goal .. And finally become a professional artist

.. At the end of the course .. I promise .. you will discover your style and unique drawing ..

We will start by learning the basic shapes and shading .. The lessons will be in a simple way that anyone can understand no matter how beginn you are ..

You will learn to form shapes of basic lines simplified .. You will know the parts of the face and how to draw the types of eyes .. Or features .. Asian .. Arabic. European .. Eye lined .. Or lazy Eye .. And more .. In addition to the forms of hair and multiple Hairstyles ..

And certainly the features of the face different .. how to determine the feelings of the face? Until you get to draw the face in a professional style .. And then we will learn the basis of body drawing .. Different positions and different bodies ..

Will make you ready to draw any shape or any movement of the body .. Even the difficult movements of them .. The course is so comprehensive that you will learn how to design fashion .. And how to draw Manican show. So you can start your own fashion design business.

Then we move immediately to draw the still life .. and shading .. And even drawing of different raw materials, details of the nature, such as clouds or a drop of water or a wood board ..

You will also learn how to draw a perspective .. Without the use of any complex line was making you hate drawing perspective until you thought it impossible to Draw .. you will not find the perspective difficult anymore .. Everything you are looking for you will find in this course .. But if you are an artist already ..

but you have difficulty finding your drawing style .. Is it a cartoon or another .. Disney or Cartoon Network? I’ll give you a magic way so you can find your drawing style in just one hour .. And the surprise here is that you can find more than one style, not just one.

Well .. After all .. Who am I?

I am Manar Mowaffak Ali from Syria .. An Architect and an artist ..

I teach drawing on Youtube and I have more than 40 thousand students (2019) .. And more than a million and a half million views ..

I worked with many companies that specialize in children’s books .. Coloring books .. Children magazines .. Stories and many more ..

I am still working in Germany in the same field. I am also a writer .. I wrote a book for children .. and drew his images .. It will be published in Germany in 2019 ..

I also worked for a Canadian publishing house, another Australian, and a lot of Arabic publishing houses, most importantly in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. After talking a lot about the course .. and you know who I am ..

Now is the time to know more details about this course .. The course is more than 8 hours of simple explanation .. easy and fun .. I chose the best possible to teach drawing .. The beginning was simple rules to draw anything ..

Literally .. anything has a basis to draw .. We can be considered a technique that makes drawing much easier than You imagine .. All of these features that will give you in this course ..

You also have full right to recover your money that you paid within 30 days if the course is different from the description .. When you finish your course you will get a certificate from udemy .. to prove to the company you dream of working with .. that you really deserve to be in the position you dream ..

I will shorten my words to say .. This is the most suitable course to teach drawing to begin your career ..

What are you waiting for .. Enter .. and start learning .

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