Tony Shepherd – BTR Course

Tony Shepherd – BTR Course

Tony Shepherd – BTR Course

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A quick message from Tony Shepherd…   You ever wonder why my publications are priced as they are, with almost ALL of them using the one-click ‘order bump’ option to purchase white label rights?   You might think it’s a pricing ‘sweetspot’ that I’ve tested, and you’d be right that I have tested it, but that isn’t the reason for this pricing position – the REAL reason is much more clever and profitable. And I’m going to reveal everything :)   Maybe you’ve even wondered why I sell white label rights at all? Surely doing so will devalue my products?   You’d be wrong, AND you’d be ALSO nicely surprised – and the truth is much more interesting, and again much more profitable than you think…   Those two examples are all about positioning and profit maximisation. It’s also very simple to do and can be replicated by anyone.   Or perhaps you’re intrigued by my emailing schedule, my list size or how the profits from my email marketing actually work?   Well the truth is that I probably don’t do things for the reasons you think I do.   I’ve spent ten years building one of the most responsive lists in internet marketing so I know my trade inside out. I’ll share everything I know with you   And when it comes to selling, perhaps you’ve recently been puzzled about why I repeatedly open and close my products for set time intervals rather than leaving them constantly open, and what does that do to my profits?   Actually this is an amazingly effective profit model IF you do it correctly.    You only need a couple of products (not even your own – affiliate products will do – I’ll show you how) and with the right information and you can replicate exactly what I do.   But I’ll share the REAL secret of constantly high sales conversions with you – it’s all about misdirection!   (Although you’d never guess the actual secret if I didn’t tell you. In fact this is one of the things that I TRULY ‘stumbled upon’ a little while back)    It’s a game-changer when you see behind the scenes :)   In fact it’s ALL the behind the scenes stuff that I promise will knock your socks off.    It’s my favourite part of the whole course and I’m going to share EVERYTHING.   But let’s get something out in the open first…    

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