Troubled Skin

Troubled Skin

Troubled Skin

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Instructors: European Wellness Academy

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Be GENUINELY CERTIFIED to handle Troubled Skin.

All it takes is that ONE BAD REVIEW and that could mean DISASTER for your job or business in the beauty industry. Nevertheless, it is truly a COMMON CHALLENGE that most of you, if not all you beauticians will have to face through at your work.

1. How confident are you in handling flared up skin?
2. Do your clients really trust you?
3. Can you afford the price of a bad review?

Register for this course now and be genuinely certified to handle Troubled Skin!

What does this workshop cover?
– Evaluation Steps of troubled skin at spa level

– Key questions and understand how to conclude, group or categorize each case

– Understanding Troubled Skin Protocols (without underlying medical conditions)
– Customizing Solutions/ Mixtures for easily flared up & sore skin

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