Turn Unused Palette Paint into Coral Sculptures

Turn Unused Palette Paint into Coral Sculptures

Turn Unused Palette Paint into Coral Sculptures

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Duration: 3 hours   – Rating: 4.2631946

Instructors: Ruth Collis

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This course is about taking unused built up acrylic palette paint and turning it into stunning sculptures on canvas in a totally easy way, and also shows how to make a new paintskin if you haven’t built up palette layers yet.

What people are saying…

  1. “Its amazing! If i was actually in front of it, i’d have to put my hands in my pockets so i wouldn’t touch it from curiousity of trying to figure out how you did that.” ~ Bobbie SunyNite Brown
  2. “Awesome, Ruth!!! Congrats The class is well worth the money!” ~ Esther Lee
  3. “Ruth, I signed up last night, will be back to it over the weekend. This is so very intriguing! What a genius technique! I like your content and your presentation.” ~ Maria Freyenbacher

How taught:
Using video demonstrations, downloads, formulas, paint chart & coupon deals, handouts, easy quizzes, Recaps, and an ending ACTION STEP

*Take something discarded & turn it into a show-stunning piece
*Learn new way to save paint from being wasted
*Be brilliant & use up layers of paintskins or learn how to make new ones from scratch
*Accomplish forming the paintskins into amazing pipe corals of beauty
*Know what glue is archival for paintings
*Imagine & form interesting pipe coral shapes
*Attain knowledge of how to easily make an appealing abstract background with texture
*Dazzle others with your use of mesmerizing colors
*Discover an easy secret to highlighting the tops artistically like a pro
*Attractively arrange the pipe corals on canvas
*Get inside knowledge on how to varnish a 3D painting easy & reduce brush lines
*Find inspiration easily with this one tool to prevent Artist’s Block
*Know the supplies to get & download easy formulas to follow

Why enroll:
Paint something mesmerizing in a new way while saving unused dried paint!

Ideal Student/Target Audience:
*Acrylic painters that want to add dimension to their paintings
*Re-purpose creators who like to turn nothing into something
*Those who want to paint something distinguished
*Artists looking for something innovative, late-breaking, & fun to do
*Accomplish something revolutionary, unusual, & upscale
*Get in on the new & express your creativity in a whole mind-blowing way
*Advance your skills & push the boundaries of acrylic painting possibilities
*For those who want to push past their comfort zone
*Not for those who don’t like to plan or need immediate results
*Not for those who want to paint flat & without texture

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