Uke techniques

Uke techniques

Uke techniques

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Instructors: Rob O’Neill

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This course consists of a basic overview of the blocking or receiving techniques in AGJK karate, covering uchiuke – insdie to outside block, udeuke – outside to inside block, ageuke – the upper rising block, gedan barai – the low sweep, and shutouke – the knife hand.

The course will cover first the basic stance used in the execution of the static techniques, followed by instruction of each of the techniques as a stand alone piece of line-work. This will then be followed by demonstration of a handful of practical examples of how the techniques might be used within a self defence context.

Next up is a section on the principles of the techniques to allow students to expand the handful of provided examples out to encompass different situations.

This is followed by an optional section around solo impact training using a heavy bag to further develop the technique and skill used in the receiving techniques for those training at home without access to a training partner.

This stand-alone course is designed to be used in conjunction with other course materials from AGJK karate and is an ideal aid for students looking to increase their training time outside of the club sessions, however it can also serve as an introduction to others interested in karate or the martial arts generally at whatever level to develop their skills.

Rob O’Neill

Aylesbury Gendai no Jissen Karate

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