Video School Online Membership

Video School Online Membership

Video School Online Membership

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Video School Online Membership Class Curriculum – Programme de la formation Welcome – click on arrow to see Full Program – Orientation — Harpy Rings – Little Rings for Clever harpist !Folk Harp Mag – 2019 Fall – 1.0 – Beginners Class – VIDEO COURSE – 2020 – About & List – Au sujet de ce niveau et liste des morceaux disponibles en 2020 2.0 – Early intermediate Class – VIDEO COURSE – – About & List – Au sujet de ce niveau et liste des morceaux disponibles – The Parting Glass – – About — English Video – (20:45)- Cours en Français – (36:59) Katrien Delavier Collection 2020 Qui était Katrien Delavier ? – Who was Katrien Delavier ? – (13:27) 4.0 – ULTIMATE LIBRARY – Why this Free Library ?- Free Sheet Tune Books — About Harp History -Do you want to do some Art therapy? / Voulez vous faire un peu de l’Art therapy ?Print beautiful Drawing and PhotosPodcast / VIdeos- Music Space – (117:04)- Harp Concert – Eve McTelenn (42:03)- About Thomann Platform & Save Money – (33:07) My Youtube Story 2008 / 2020 – NEW 2020 APRIL ! Work in Progress 2008 (10:12)2009 (9:02)2010 (10:46)2011 (47:38)2012 (15:34)2013 (32:27) Get immediately download Video School Online Membership Welcome to – Let’s play Lever Harp On Teachable -How to purchase ?There are several ways to enter the world of Eve McTelenn harping and I am sure there will be a purchase solution to suit you.A. Subscriptionthis gives you full access to the full catalogue of my video lessons.Subscribe for as long as you wish and cancel anytime.Find out more…B. Purchase lessons individually.this will give you access to individual video lessons that will stay on your profile. The corresponding sheet music is included as a download to print at home.C. If you would just like to purchase the sheet music,Each tune can be purchased and downloaded as an individual item. No subscription is necessary for individual purchases of sheet music or video lessons. Why Join Us at – let’s Play Lever Harp School Online- ? Global – Join our community !Practical – learn by doing, with step-by-step tutorials and project-based learningSupport – Get one-to-one support from Eve McTelenn !Happiness Guarantee – Don’t worry,We have a 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee Why Become a Member? 350 Hours for Harp Beginner, Early intermediate harpists..Save $1,500s Off the Individual course prices for one low monthly price, or one low lifetime price.Follow The learning Paths to go from beginner to advanced in any Topic.Every month, news and exclusive! Read more:

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