Walking Challenge

Walking Challenge

Walking Challenge

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Instructors: Julie Ann Price

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Walking is a great form of fitness.  Whether you are simply walking the neighborhood or doing Nordic walking – the benefits are huge.

This course teaches fitness for women and men using the simplicity of regular walking habits.  You will learn the many different styles of walking, including meditation walking, and how walking will improve your health and fitness.

If you want to lose weight, get into better shape, sleep better, have more energy and better mental focus, then you will want to incorporate walking into your day.

Join me in this course and design your own Walking Challenge.  You can make it as long as you want and mix it up any way that appeals to you.   You will have all the knowledge you need to design you own walking challenge by the end of the course.  You will also have access to a PDF guide that will reinforce what you learned in the course and help you design your challenge.

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